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Spiritual Mothers and The Grace & Truth Link-Up

Last weekend was Mother’s Day.

Our pastor talked about the Proverbs 31 woman. He said what made her special wasn’t so much what she did, but who she belonged to. That everyone has the best mother, because she is their mother. Every man has the best wife, because she is his wife.

I see the truth in that.

When I was reading through blog posts last Friday, I cam across one that really stood out to me. Linda Stoll wrote a thank you note to our spiritual mothers. We all have them. Women who have poured into us over the years (knowingly or not).

So even though Mother’s Day has past, I’d like to take the time today to thank some of my spiritual mothers. There have been many women who have poured into me over the years, but these women are the ones who point me to Jesus and do it like a momma. There are other women I consider surrogate moms, spiritual roll models, sister’s in Christ, spiritual aunts, etc. but these women are my spiritual moms.


I have never actually met Anne face-to-face. Years ago, we were both part of an online group for Christian moms. I eventually became the administrator of the group, and Anne was my constant support.

I was a young mom with four kids five and under. She was older with adult children. I wasn’t even thirty years old, she had been a Christian for over thirty years.

While I will probably never meet Anne this side of Heaven, I wouldn’t trade her friendship for anything. I was a stay-at-home-mom with no family nearby. During that time in my life, I was very isolated. Anne’s wisdom and caring was such a blessing and will never be forgotten.


Sue is the woman I turn to when I don’t know what to do. She’s the one I can talk to about absolutely anything with no fear of repercussion. No matter how bad it is, unrighteous it is, or whatever, I can trust her. She can keep a secret, but more than that, she is relatable. She loves Jesus, but she’s not going to shame me if I’m in a mood. She gets me. And I love her for it.

Beyond that, she also holds me accountable. She won’t shame me, but she still asks the hard questions. She knows just what to ask and when to ask it. And she is a prayer warrior. I know she prays for me, even though she never says it.


Beverly is like my BFF, surrogate mom, and spiritual mom all rolled into one. She’s a retired school teacher and the head of the women’s ministry at my church. She helped me start the women’s Bible study and get over my fear of public speaking (at least locally). She takes me to doctor appointments, helps my kids with homework, and we just enjoy each other’s company.

My Mom.

I’m not sure if you are supposed to count your mom as a spiritual mom or not, but I’m going to. My mom loves Jesus, and it shows. She enthusiastically reads her Bible in the morning and in the evening. She loves her church family. She volunteers for children’s church, to teach Sunday school, go on mission trips, plus attends Bible study. The love she has for Jesus pours out of her and onto everyone around her. She is a blessing and I am so thankful to call her my momma.

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So what about you? Do you have a spiritual mom (or four)? I would love to hear about her/them. Share about them in the comments below, link-up your blog posts from this week, and don’t forget to visit this week’s featured post.

A Special Thank You To Our Spiritual Mothers

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A Thank You Note to Our Spiritual Mothers

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  1. What a beautiful testimony to your spiritual mothers. I loved Linda’s post as well! I am so grateful for the spiritual mothers in my own life, including my own mother.

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