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Replacing Lies With Truth

For weeks and months, the Coronavirus has consumed our media and the majority of our conversations.

Water cooler talk, text streams with friends, and social media have been filled with Covid-19 and how we should protect ourselves and others from its spread. But, as the news worsened and protection measures more stringent, an interesting trend began to arise: people were hoarding toilet paper.  

Fighting the Scarcity Mindset

At first, I thought that this was something silly that was being exacerbated on social media as people posted images of empty shelves.

I thought that the news that people telling people they didn’t need to stock up would cause this phenomenon to stop.

I laughed at people and shook my head at their overreaction to the hysteria around them, sure that at least this part of our lives would return to normal.

But it didn’t.

For weeks, this precious bathroom tissue has been flying off the shelves as quickly as hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.  

And I’ve had to fight the urge to give in to the hype.  

The more that I’ve heard people talking about the TP shortage, the more I’ve felt like I’ve needed exactly that product at that exact moment in time. But the truth is that I don’t need it.  

Every few days, as more panic about this supply issue spreads, I have to open my bathroom cabinet and look at the rolls of toilet paper that I have in stock from my purchase months ago. It sounds silly, but that simple act is preventing me from going on the most futile scavenger hunt in the history of human-kind.  

The last time I went through this routine of calming myself down from the bathroom tissue hysteria, the Lord reminded me that this is a physical representation of what we need to do daily with His Word.  

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Replacing lies with truth

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Replacing Lies with Truth

Today, there are lies all around us that can easily permeate our thinking if we’re not careful… or even when we are careful. Just like that toilet paper scarcity mindset keeps invading my thinking, lies can get into our minds and hearts without us realizing. Even the most subtle of lies can have a massive impact on our lives. 

When I doubt that I am chosen, I can remember that God calls me “daughter”.  

When I start to tell myself that I am the worst, I can remind myself that I am wonderfully made.  

When shame whispers that I’m a failure, I can remember that there is no condemnation because I’m in Christ.  

When doubt and failure spin lies in your head, remember the truth of who you are in Christ. Share on X

And there are thousands of other examples of lies that we can find ourselves entertaining, believing, and living that we can combat with Truth.  

Thankfully, God doesn’t leave us alone to fend for ourselves, but He gives us his Word, the Holy Spirit, and His church to help us identify and replace those lies in our lives. Whether it’s a small lie or a huge one, He is big enough to help us uproot that lie and replace it with His loving, kind, and life-giving words of truth. We weren’t made to live in fear, shame, self-judgment, or self-righteousness, but we were created for abundant life—the life that Jesus secured for us.  

I encourage you to find a few moments today and ask the Lord to reveal any lies you might currently be believing. When anything comes to mind, know that it’s not to beat you up, but to heal you. As we begin to identify and replace lies, I’m certain we’ll see more and more of that abundant life that Jesus promised—let’s take hold of that today!  

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  1. Amen, Sarah! Sometimes the lie seems so true, even when remembering God’s truth. That’s when I know I have to keep rehearsing God’s truth in my mind (renewing my mind) for the truth to win.

    1. It’s amazing how plausible lies can seem, especially when we hear them repeated over and over again. Thankfully, we can replace those lies with ultimate truth!

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