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What Happens When We Stop Trying To Rise Above

I live in a big metropolitan area in southern California, but I love nature, and always try to be out in it when I can be. Sometimes in the early morning, or late at night, everything else is quiet enough that I can hear the birds sing. I love those moments. Especially in the spring time when the night mockingbirds come out and sing so loudly nearly all night long.

Birds in the big city always seem to be competing with noise from airplanes, passing cars, sirens, the ever-present rustle of human civilization. Then it struck me, they’re not competing with those sounds. They’re just singing. The birds would sing just as loud if they were in the middle of the Los Angeles National Forest with acres of wildlife instead of acres of people things. The birds don’t start their song over when they get interrupted by man, or sing louder when a helicopter goes by, or give up when the blare of an ambulance siren drowns them out. They just sing.

Fixing Our Eyes On Jesus

How many times does God tell us to go look at nature for different object lessons about how we ought to look at life?

Those birds don’t get distracted from the one message God has for them to share. Even when settled in a place that we’d think of as hostile to nature, they still sing. Struggles come because they’re having to adapt to an environment that’s alien to wildlife, yet they still sing their message.

What do I let distract me?

I get my eyes off my message too much.

Often times it feels as if everything around me is drowning me out, like my voice is just one tiny blip in the arena, one little yelp in the cacophony of humanity. How can God hear me in all this? Yet He does hear me – like me personally, not only all of us Christians together. God hears each of us on an individual level.

[ctt template=”2″ link=”eNMdU” via=”no” ]God hears us, no matter who we are, or how quiet we are. We don’t have to rise above the noise.[/ctt]

Isn’t it amazing that God can hear me, even when I can’t hear myself because of all the noise?

We Don’t Have To Rise Above

The birds don’t really sing louder when there’s other noise around. They don’t try to rise above. They seem to know that the message will get to the ears of the one it’s meant to reach.

Who am I trying to impress with how loud I am? Do I trumpet my own virtue abroad? I mean, do I need everyone nearby to hear just how “impressive” I am? Do I need people to know my motives are pure, my intentions were good, my end goal was righteous? Do I feel the need to be heard when it seems as if everyone else’s voice is drowning me out?

We have a God who hears #CandidlyChristian

Isn’t it amazing that God knows all those things anyway – plus He knows the truth of my motives, the reality behind my intentions. He knows what I’m really aiming for. So if I’m being “louder” in order to prove something, then it’s an attempt to prove it to other people around me, not to God. Because God knows. God doesn’t need me to prove anything. He already knows the whole truth, good and bad, anyway.

Sometimes the message God gives us to pass on can seem to get lost in the shuffle of life. Sometimes I can get discouraged that I’m not doing enough, influencing enough people for Christ, having the impact God wants. Truth is, any impact God has for me to be making is up to Him, not me or my expectations. So I have to just speak the message. God will bring it to the proper ears.

Isn’t it amazing how often God makes divine appointments between people who need each other at that moment? How often did you get a message from a stranger that you needed at that exact second in time? How often did you pass on a simple word, and find out that it was just what that person needed to hear?

These are our bird songs.

What About You?

So, do you ever feel like you just need one person to hear what you’re saying? That you just need someone who is waiting to hear what you’ve got to say? Not someone who’s looking to be impressed, but someone who cares?

[ctt template=”2″ link=”4fKP8″ via=”yes” ]The birds don’t really sing louder when there’s other noise around. They don’t try to rise above. And we don’t have to either.[/ctt]

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  1. I needed this message, Sherry. Sometimes it feels like I’m shouting to be heard, and still no one is listening. But God is. God hears us even when we don’t say a word. What a beautiful reminder.

  2. This message is needed today and everyday. Thank you. I love birds and the comparison of birds singing and our own voices is amazing. I pray the words I write will draw others closer to God. Whether it is one person or more, I don’t need to know the amount of people. God will take care of that. He will make sure His message finds the way. 🙂

    1. I agree. Sometimes that can be so hard to remember. I’m glad God gave us birds everywhere to remind us of that.

  3. Daily, I try to remind myself that everything I do is for an audience of one. I don’t do it well and many times I try to sing louder than those around me so I can be heard. Thanks for the reminder and we are need to try to remember the example of the birds from your story

  4. Hopefully I’m not crashing the girl party, but I really liked this post. Your point is so profound that God made birds to sing a song and not compete with any other noise.
    I’m as guilty as the next guy in worrying about how well I’m heard. Thanks for the reminder that God hears me whether humanity does or not.

  5. Hi Sherry!

    Thank you for sharing here. I love nature, too 🙂

    That’s the way they are, the birds, they just sing. I like that attitude. It worked well with the way you used the birds to illustrate the importance of staying true to God’s message.

    Your post reminded me of the importance of listening to what God has to say to us.

    I’ve often felt misunderstood, or that no one listened to what I had to say. But that has changed over the past couple of months.

    Edna Davidsen

    1. I often feel the same way. I’m glad things are changing for you over the last couple months. What a blessing to hear!

  6. Beautifully written! It’s so easy to lose our focus and get distracted by the literal noise around us, as well as life’s circumstances and world events, and forget that we have that heavenly audience and Father God watching over us, desiring our fellowship. And God tells us in Matthew 6:26 — “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

  7. Love this! Especially the part about how we don’t have to rise above with our noise. It can seem so discouraging when evil seems louder than wisdom and truth, but I have faith that God hears us even when we whisper among the noise.

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