Are You Keeping Your Faith In The Proper Perspective?

Reality Check: Are You Living for Jesus for All The Right Reasosn

The last two posts I’ve made here have been about keeping our faith fresh versus going stale in our spiritual walk. It’s too easy for me to become a person who is so used to hearing all the things about Christianity that I’d get bored by it. And I don’t want to be that way.

I want to be the woman who is still in awe of learning about God and His Word, even after I’ve read my Bible a million times. Even after I’ve heard sermon after sermon, for years and years, to still see God the same way a brand new Christian does. Wouldn’t that be really great?

Keeping it Real

Last time, I wrote about seeing Christianity through the eyes of new disciples.

This time, I’m talking about seeing myself through the eyes of reality.

First thing I thought of in this regard was that I can easily slip into doing things under my own power, thinking I have it all under control – or really not even thinking about it that way, just getting into a rut and doing spiritual looking things by “spiritual muscle memory.” I think one way of combating this in my life is keeping a right perspective about myself.

God made women to be the ones who sort of hold it all together, you know? We’re the multitaskers – the big picture people.  I’m not trying to degrade men or anything, it’s not that men are dumb or less awesome, but in a way God sort of gave us girls superpowers.

proper perspectiveReality Check

It can be easy to forget God is the giver of the “superpower” and it’s really God’s strength I should be doing things in. This isn’t thinking of myself realistically if I think I don’t need God’s help. On the other hand, keeping myself in proper perspective isn’t about only knowing what I cannot do, but also knowing what I can do.

Keeping myself in the proper perspective is so important. It not only means acknowledging my weaknesses, but also acknowledging my strengths. And you know? It’s okay to acknowledge that you have strengths. That’s part of seeing ourselves the way God sees us.

I’m this way, and I know lots of other women are – I think of myself as unable to do many things, as inadequate, to the point where I won’t even try when someone seems too big for me to accomplish.

I forget that I have something valuable to offer. I forget that God placed me here to make a difference, that God puts things in my path that are too big for me precisely so His power shows through.

[ctt template=”2″ link=”7cGBz” via=”yes” ]Reality Check: Are you still striving to do it on your own, or are you trusting in Jesus?[/ctt]

Know It, Own It, Do It

But in order to make that difference, I need to own what God made me capable of – and go out there and be willing to do it! I need to try – nothing is accomplished if I won’t even put my hand to the work and make an effort.

Knowing what God really has you here for – what God has equipped you for, has given you special abilities for, has prepared you especially for – that will send you on the greatest, grandest adventures in life! (If you’re unsure of your calling click here)

Imagine doing that thing you know God wants you to do. Imagine grabbing hold of it, and not letting go because you have acknowledged your real abilities, your real heart’s desire, your real you.  Imagine that sort of adventure… the sort that tells you that it’s not you who has all this awesomeness, but God, and because of Him being in control, you can do exactly what God tells you to do.

Imagine Living For Jesus For All The Right Reasons

Have you ever thought about actually going out and trying to do whatever it is that God has placed on your heart? You won’t go stale chasing that adventure. You won’t have time.

So I hope this is an encouragement to keep seeing yourself through the eyes of reality, neither puffing up, or tearing yourself down. With God in control, He accomplishes it all. We’re just along for the ride, and the lovely adventure that is life in Christ.

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  • Do you lean more towards puffing yourself up or tearing yourself down?

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  1. Sherry! I love this post! How we look at things makes a huge difference. I definitely stumble along the way. Every single day. But God is faithful and I am so thankful for Him!

  2. I read this right after my thoughts went to “God how am I going to do this all?”
    I am so glad that I serve a God who is so much bigger than all of my excuses, and reasons that I can’t. Every time I think to myself that I won’t have enough time to do it all, He constantly reminds me that He holds time in His hands, and also as one of my friends says “His track record is perfect”. Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

    1. I love that – “His track record is perfect.” 😀 Thank you for sharing that. It’s pretty powerful when we realize what you said, that God is bigger than all my excuses.

  3. Awareness of our weaknesses and also strengths is pretty important. There are some areas I’m strong in but rarely focus on and lately I’ve been challenged to step up and use those strengths.

    1. That’s wonderful to be challenged, isn’t it? God doesn’t let us stay back – He challenges us to step forward. Amen. 🙂

  4. Honestly, I think that selfishness and pride exist both in puffing up and in tearing down. Either way, I am thinking of myself more than I am thinking of others. Viewing God with humility and awe, and giving him his rightful place in my life definitely leads me to consider others more than I consider myself, leading to selflessness.

  5. Oh MY LANTA! I have been struggling with this just this week. How quickly we forget – every hour we need Him! I gave up yelling at my daughter for Lent. AT ALL – zero yelling in our house and then she hit a defiant streak and I relied on my own strength – and yelled. Weeks without yelling and I got complacent instead of really resting in Him. Thank you for speaking to my heart today.

  6. I’ve been struggling with what my motivations are, and hope I am a follower of Christ for the right reasons… I AM still in awe of God, though, and hope I never lose that feeling!

    1. I hear you – I tend to do the same thing myself. Sometimes I have to actively shake myself out of it, because that way of thinking can be so pervasive. It’s like I just accept that I’m not up to par – ever. So this was a great reminder to me that if God sets a task for me, then that means He’ll give me the means to do it.

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