One Phrase that Brings Peace to My Soul

Life’s Uncertainties

Did you apply for the job we talked about?” I text my son at college. This is not the first time we’ve had this “conversation.” He’s in his second semester and still hasn’t found a job, for reasons that elude me. I pray fervently for a job for him – any job. Or that God would turn my husband’s heart to want to provide for our son without a job. 

Our youngest is a freshman in high school. He’s at a large public school after 10 years at a small Christian school. The changes have been massive, and his grades reflect that. Should I contact his teachers or keep trusting and hoping he’ll figure it out? Colleges are actually going to look at these grades. Failing grades. I pray fervently that my son will figure it out and get a system that works. He’s so bright but if he doesn’t put in the work, being bright doesn’t matter. 

My dad just died, and I pray fervently for my mom to have peace while she grieves the loss of her best friend of 58 years. 

I’ve been married for 28 years and our marriage is good. I pray fervently that God would unite us more and give us a passion for Him. 

Prayer Amid Uncertainty

These situations and many more consume my days. I trust God. Yet the circumstances that frame my days are so stressful. I don’t see how they will possibly work out. Every ounce of energy goes into praying and worrying about the people in my life that I care so deeply about. Every day my thoughts are consumed with one problem or another. 

Recently I was praying for all these items and more. I long for the Joy of the Lord. You know, the kind Sherry Chamblee wrote about here at Candidly Christian in February 2023. That joy just seems so far, despite my prayers. 

The Holy Spirit Speaks

In a rare moment of prayer silence on my part the other day, the Holy Spirit was finally able to get a word in edgewise. He reminded me that true joy, true peace, only comes when I finally lay down my burdens and let God work things out. I may think I know the answers, but He knows the real answers. 

He knows whether my son should have a job or not. He knows the exact time my younger son’s education will click and he figures it out. He knows the weight of grief he’s allowed my mother to carry. He knows exactly what my marriage needs. He has a perfect plan for all of it (Jeremiah 29:11). 

“Thy Will be Done”

Let’s face it, our prayers – our worries, are best left in His hands. Even Jesus prayed for relief (Luke 22:41). Let’s remember that he ended with, “Thy will be done.” (Luke 22:41)

When we leave our worries, concerns, decisions, hopes, and fears with God, we can trust His plan and purpose for our lives (Psalm 9:10, among many others). If we simply repeat, “Thy will be done” every time we have a thought that distracts us from Him, we refocus our attention…and peace comes. We can truly rest in His peace and joy when we trust Him to take care of our lives. 

And Peace Comes…

I tried this last week. After the Spirit spoke to me, I decided every time I had a stressful, worrisome thought I would pray, “Thy will be done” and leave it with God. You know what? The fear and anxiety fled, and peace rushed in their place. I realized that God didn’t need me to solve the problems at all. He simply needed me to run to Him and trust Him. My stress reduced and situations are working out. 

Does my son have a job? Not yet. But that’s okay. Are my other son’s grades turning around? Slowly. My mom is handling her grief and turning to the Lord (an answer to prayer, for sure). My husband and I are learning to grow together in this new season of our lives. 

When we take our worries and prayers to God and leave them with Him, trusting His will, we have a release from the burden they place on us. The pressure to solve all the problems in our lives reduces as we let the Master Problem Solver get to work.  And His peace that passes understanding guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, as well (Philippians 4:7).

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How has God led you to release your burdens to Him and trust in His will? 

About the Author

Dr. Andrea Towers Scott

Andrea Towers Scott is an author and speaker. She’s been married 28 years and has two teen sons. Her mission is to equip families with the skills they need to thrive in Christ. She loves the intersection of Scripture and research and uses that place to encourage others in their family relationships. You can find her at DrAndreaTowersScott.com.

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