Obedience Won’t Always Make You Smile

God speaks to us and requires us to listen accordingly. He might say ‘build an ark’ or come to
tell you that ‘you will carry the son of God’ which are all great things but they each come with

I can confidently say that I’ve had similar encounters with the voice of God and the reality was
that, I knew I would have to obey with a pout. Although it brings me joy to honor God, I
distinctly remember dreading my personal ‘mission’ from God. I felt that it was unfair and harsh
for me and I wanted nothing more than to just continue on with my life.

As I walked down the path of obedience I noticed that people around me were getting saved,
being filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesying, even in tongues. There was a move going on
around me and although I didn’t understand it, it involved me. It was in this place that I realized
that God will sometimes send you, to minister to others. An example of this would be with our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on the cross.

With good reason He could have given in and let go of the burden of the cross. He could have
called on angels to help Him down. But He remained knowing full well through every lash that,
He came for us. He remained on the cross dying and then asked God to ‘Forgive them for they
know not what they do.’

As I experienced this revelation, it dawned on me – obedience to God can unlock blessings for
others in spite of adversity. Even if I don’t have a smile on my face in the moment, I will look
back and see a multitude of people saved and seeking the Lord in a way that they may never
have thought or aspired to before. This month try being obedient, no matter the push back. Stay


  1. Obedience – eventually, we learn that somewhere in each obedience call, there is joy – but it sure is hard letting go of our pre-conceived expectations! Obedience always takes me out of my comfort zone – but I’m learning the pattern of it – and am starting to learn to enjoy journey of it.

  2. Obedience requires a dying to self and our own expectations – neither of which comes easily. But as I have journeyed on with the Lord, I am finding it always comes with great peace and joy in knowing I obeyed.

  3. I can certainly relate to that! God’s will isn’t always exciting. But hindsight is 20/20. I’m always glad whenever I obey Him.

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