Do You Ever Feel Misunderstood?

I drew a heart in the sand.

Someone came alongside me and pointed to the outline. “A turtle,” he exclaimed.

He called his friend over. The woman looked at the stick drawing, the ocean foam lapping closer to the edges.

“No, it’s a dog.”

More people gathered … pointing and debating. Despite my protestations, few saw the intended design.

The tide came in and washed the traces of it away.

[ctt template=”2″ link=”y4z4d” via=”yes” ]It was a heart, they just didn’t see it…[/ctt]

In relief … and frustration, I sat on the hot sand, staring at where my picture had been.

I was alone again.

Was it a snowflake or a cloud?

“It was a heart,” I declared, willing it to return beneath the water.

Intentions vs Perceptions

Our intentions are not changed by people’s perception of them.  

In the end, I will stand before God. He’ll see the curves to the lines, viewing that snapshot among the many in my life.

He will see the heart.

[ctt template=”2″ link=”cbo4f” via=”yes” ]God doesn’t have misconceptions, He knows our true intentions.[/ctt]

Feeling Misunderstood

Have you had someone misunderstand your intentions or something that came out of your mouth?

When Jesus was confronted by false accusations, He remained silent. He committed the whole situation to the One who judges righteously.

Is there a way we could do the same and not try to take things into our own hands or “fix” a false impression or accusation?

Share your thoughts or experiences with being misunderstood in the comments below.

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  1. My favorite verse is in 1 Samuel 16:7 where he says men look at the outside but God looks at the heart. For years I was a mess – just trying to figure out how to Follow Jesus like the Bible says… messing up every day. Now that I have found some stability – people in my life who have known me forever -misunderstand and judge me as I try to help others find their way. It is hard. So thankful for Jesus grace and love an my example!

  2. Misunderstandings of our intentions can be so frustrating and painful. Good intentions skewed under others perceptions. We can become quick to try to fix and smooth but often we can’t change the other person’s view. Jesus’ model is best (as always) to remain silent. He knows our heart.

  3. Wow, what perfect timing for this post! I need to remain silent when confronted with false accusations. If my face shines Jesus, that is all that matters.

  4. Uff the hurt of being misunderstood is something that kills. When your right motive is manipulated to some stupid assumption… but God! That’s where we come back to track knowing He sees it all.

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