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  1. What an important reminder. Sometimes I forget that the comparison trap doesn’t just hurt me, but those around me. Thanks for sharing this with us today, Madison, and congratulations on your new book!

  2. It is so easy to get into this trap, Madison. All around us the world is full of messages that say we are not enough. But our true value and worth comes from God alone. It is His love and His plan that give us our reason to keep going. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    1. Yes, Amy, that is so true! God is my number one reason to keep going and His love is enough! Thanks for reading!

  3. I try not to compare my marriage to anyone else’s, knowing that all marriages go through rough spots, and you don’t know what is really going on in the marriages around you. If you nurture your own marriage, you can make it the best that it can be!

    1. Yes! It is all about what you nuture and feed. If you take care of your marriage, it will prosper! Thanks for reading Susan!

  4. Every marriage is different. Ours is great for us. We have been married 15 years this summer. Times are not always easy, but relying on each other makes everything better.

    1. That is so sweet Tara! Yes, relying on each other is so important and every marriage is different! Thanks for reading!

  5. Madison, I have honestly never heard the saying “the grass is always greener where you water it.” I love that!! Complaining about dry grass never helped anyone. I will be getting your devotional, thank you so much for your words and for your heart to see marriages thrive. In my own marriage I have struggled with the comparison trap. I recently heard a quote that said if a church wants a better pastor, it only needs to pray for the one it has. I think the same goes for marriage- if you want a better marriage, you only need to pray for and like you said, cultivate, the one you have 🙂 Blessings to you and your ministry!

    1. You are so right Jaime! Our marriages need constant nurture and “watering”. Whatever we feed and put love into will grow into something better than we could ever imagine! I hope you love my devotional, and thank you so much for reading! ❤

  6. During the difficult times, I’m reminded that the devil will do whatever he can to destroy our marriage because if we stay together then God will be glorified and our once difficulties will be used to encourage others to persevere too. Christ can redeem all situations. Satan just likes to destroy. I won’t give him the satisfaction of comparing our personal trials with others.

    1. YES! Amen! Resist the devil and fight for your marriage. God can do so many things through your relationship! Thank you so much for reading!

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