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  1. Valerie, you convey such a powerful message. Not only does Darold’s story move my heart, but also your beautiful story. Because it shows how God rescues and uses misfits–all of us in some way as Beth notes. And we are all spiritual misfits in need of a Savior to remind us we are fashioned in God’s image and for His glory.

  2. Valerie, a most beautiful post! I love that you emphasized the disabled ARE made in the image of God. Darold personifies so many disabled people for me. Everyone I have had the privilege to encounter has taught me about love. Thank you for sharing Beth’s post!

    1. Thanks, Donna! It’s funny you say that every disabled person you’ve encountered has taught you about love, because I actually had to decide whom of many clients to write about! I chose Darold because he truly has always held such a soft spot in my heart. I remember him as one of the most severely disabled people I worked with, and yet the most loving – without ever speaking a word.

  3. Love this post, Valarie. We are all made in his image, disabilities, weaknesses, differences, and all. We all have things to teach and ways to show God to others. Thanks for telling us about Darald, and using your words to reach others.

  4. This post really touched my heart this morning Valerie, I have a granddaughter with special needs & yes indeed she is full of God’s love.
    I have autoimmune conditions including chronic pain & brain malaise (cognitive dysfunction aka fibro fog) but I as you have found my strength & enabling in this time of ‘disabling’ comes from my heavenly Father.
    Bless you,

    1. Jennifer, I’m so glad this post encouraged you on such a personal level. Doesn’t it feel good to reach out to others with similar struggles? I’m learning that we don’t have to hide our “disfunction.” Instead, we can celebrate our common strength and support one another in our struggle. We’re never alone.

  5. We used to visit a home for special needs adult every summer. The residents always made a huge impression on us adults who were chaperones as much as they did on the teens that we took. Darold sounds like a beautiful soul!

    1. It’s wonderful that people like you take the time to spend with the residents and to give the teens that experience. I’m sure the experiences those kids had changed them. Thank you for visiting and for sharing your experience, Lisa.

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