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  1. Great post, Stephanie! As always, you speak right to my heart. It is so easy to let life control us, and just kind of haphazardly move through it. But by being intentional we can do so much more.

  2. Love this. We definitely have to be so intentional in our pursuit of living for Christ. There is so much that begs to steal our hearts and our attention away from God’s will for us. Thank you for this encouragement!

  3. I love this. I really liked how you helped direct my thinking to three different areas: my heart, my speech, and my thoughts. I want to be intentional for Jesus every single day.

    1. Thank u Amy. There are lots more ways to be intentional but I only listed 3. God so faithful to us all even on our lack. Glad u enjoyed the blog. Bless u.

  4. Great ideas! When I make a schedule and a to-do list, and then place it before God in prayer, everything that needs to get done does get done. And God manages to sneak in some surprises every day!

  5. Good post, Stephanie. As both a Faith and Fashion blogger I am often talking about this very thing. Thinking ahead or thinking something through is so helpful to make life run smoother, as well as keep us on the alert and aware, not only of our enemy, but of the movement of God in our lives. It is something I need to keep working on. Thank you for sharing. – Amy

  6. Stephanie, as soon as I saw the title of your post I knew God had something to say to me! Thanks for the much needed message. I struggle with just going with the flow, and putting out the fires that are right in front of me daily. Sometimes I use the excuse that I’m “just not a very organized person,” but really, it’s an area where I’m being kind of lazy! Everyone is different, and you don’t have to be incredibly organized to be intentional . I really feel God calling me to develop the habit of intentionality, and this post was a great encouragement and starting point. Blessings to you!

    1. Jaime your so welcome. I am launching a coaching program this month of February and one of my modules contains lesson on intentionality in our lives. yes it is something that we really dont think about much we just float through life and let things happen.

  7. This is good — and I especially relate to the intentional speaking because so often I practice faithless speech that not only discourages me, but also anyone who has to listen to it!

  8. I like the way you broke down intentionality into the different parts of our lives. It’s helpful to think about it that way. And it’s just always good to be reminded that we need to be making our life choices intentionally to honor and serve the Lord. Thanks!

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