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  1. I’ve heard so many stories of woman losing their women friends after going through an agonizing divorce. It’s worse than a death but similar in the sense that people don’t know what to say. I think those of us women who have been through suffering in any area make better friends than people who judge because they have never gone through anything and assume the woman is sinning when she is not. She might be closer to God than she’s ever been!

  2. After years of being angry with the church, I decided that to have good friends in a healthy community I needed to be a good friend and healthy. I had to learn to forgive… and after that everything has changed

    1. Yes I think transparency is hard for a lot of women. But well needed if we do it. We must work friendships and cultivate them.

    2. Forgiveness plays a huge role in women relationships. Something we are not very good at but must be intentional.

  3. Loved “be the source of the thing you want in your life.” I always struggled with friendships with women (and girls when I was young). God has taught me about being the kind of friend I want to have. If I crave encouragement, be an encourager. Great post!

  4. This is such a great reminder of how important our friendships are. I know I’ve mistreated and taken friends for granted in the past. I recently got a card from a friend I’ve known for 30 years and the cover says “A friend is a beautiful act of kindness from the heart of God”. I keep it up at my desk as a reminder not only of her friendship, but to cherish my friendships as precious gifts from God.

  5. Hi, tonight is my first time here…I am in a lot of deep rooted pain from many years of trama abuse…but I have alwAys seemed the word of Jesus …I was in. Private christian ran safe home for 6 months…it was the first time I felt safe I was 44 yrs old …I have come to realize I need to seek out women of god ..I need you all pf you…I am suffering ..and I am not promised tommorow …literally …my heart is failing…please reach out…please alone I don’t want to die alone….

    1. Kelly

      So glad that you found us here at Candid. This is a safe place to communicate and I celebrate you for the courage to post. We all need good friendships. I’m sure u are much stronger than u know. If u would like to talk more privately please reach out to me. I’m a minister and life coach and can assure u that God is on your side. He is with u and for you and loves you. This is a great blog site for women. Check out some of our other blogs and feel free to reach out to myself or Heather Hart. Blessing to you. You are not alone.

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