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The week after radiation ended, I returned back to work full time—and then some. Breast cancer is expensive, so I signed up for all the overtime I could. My battle cry for 2019 was “If I can just get through this, then it will all be better and we can enjoy life again.” 

The first post-cancer mammogram in January was negative! “Now we can have fun!” we decided.  

We booked a family vacation. I splurged on tickets to a music festival and a concert. My husband and daughter bought tickets to a different music festival and a sporting event. To top it off, they reserved a week in the Canadian wilderness to hunt bear with Grandpa Riese while I dreamed of a stay-cation writer’s retreat. 

After pulling through 2019, 2020 would be the best year ever! 

Best Year Ever – Cancelled

Instead of music festivals, we went to funerals. The passports remain locked up as securely as the Canadian border. Yes, we had a nice family vacation to South Dakota , including a beautiful hike up Harney’s Peak- the hike that gave me the closest thing I’ll have to a writer’s retreat as I recover from surgery to fix my ripped knee. And even the surgery itself was postponed by a positive covid test! 

Our best year ever was cancelled.  

Mariel’s post “Finally Cancelled” gave words to my family’s moments of self-pity: “We feel robbed as COVID cancels all that matters to us.” 

But then she shared her own memories of another November 20 years ago when things she clung to were cancelled.  

Insecurities, perfectionism, overwhelm, selfishness. Debt.  

Jesus Is Never Cancelled

In November 2000, an atheist saw the Light for the first time. And her debt of sin was cancelled, not by a pandemic created to kill, but by a Savior born to give eternal life. 

In November 2000, an atheist saw the Light for the first time. And her debt of sin was cancelled, not by a pandemic created to kill, but by a Savior born to give eternal life.  Share on X

So as Mariel nudged me to again look back on 2020, I see even more that was cancelled, all thanks to Jesus.  

The sting of death is cancelled as we know our loved ones are now with Jesus.  

The sin of disappointment turned self-pity was cancelled on the Cross.  

Thanks to Jesus, it's Finally Cancelled

Hopelessness is cancelled as I turn to scripture. 

Anxiety is cancelled when I press into His peace.  

Do you catch yourself in an exhale of hopeful relief to see the first 2021 calendars hit the shelves? I admit, I bought mine earlier than ever this year.  

But before we get too hasty to leave 2020 in the dust, join me on Finally Cancelled ,and remember all that Jesus cancels for us every single day.  

Grace & Truth: Not Cancelled Share on X

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  1. Ooh, I needed to read these very words! I need to be more thankful not only for what I do still have, but for all the things that have actually been canceled that I didn’t want. Praying that your 2021 will be amazing. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Lisa. We’re all dealing with so much loss and disappointment this year and it’s tough. I’m glad this was helpful to you today. I wish you a better 2021 as well. Whatever comes, we’ll get through it together.

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