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Grace & Truth and The Truth About Shame

Please make sure you can log into the system and reply to this email.
I replied all right. I told my supervisor his email was a mistake because I’d never heard of any such system. He wrote back about a training a few weeks prior, but I insisted that he’d forgotten to schedule me. He politely wrote back again with more details, so just to prove him wrong, I checked my Favorites. 

I found the link to the system bookmarked in a relevant folder. And yet I still had no clue what he was talking about.

I know a thing or two about shame. 

I hid the memory loss and cognitive difficulties behind excuses and denial for years, but secrets have a way of piling up. A few months ago, test results revealed cognitive impairment and memory disorder caused by a rare brain disease. Or is it memory impairment and cognitive disorder? I get it mixed up, along with so many simple things that I know one day but it’s gone the next. 

Yeah, I know about shame. 

But since the diagnosis, I’m learning to deal with both the cognitive issues and the embarrassment. I loved Therese Boedeker’s post There is No Shame in Feeling Shame because she reminded me that I’m not alone and I have a choice. 

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We don’t want to live with shame that is accusing us. Defeating us. Keeping us from reaching our goals. Telling us we are not enough. Rewriting our core-beliefs.

Both God and Theresa want all of us to walk in freedom from shame. We don’t have to hide from shame. When I feel defective, I can run to the God who knows me, loves me anyway, and makes me whole, brain damage and all.
No matter what you are hiding today —  and we’re all hiding something — you’ll find freedom knowing that shame is normal and you can choose how to deal with it. 

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There is No Shame in Feeling Shame

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  1. Thanks for featuring my post. Shame wants us to hide, but God wants us to run to him.

    God is with you on this journey, Valarie, and your memory impairment and cognitive disorder will be used by him. Blessings.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Theresa. I clung to your words even this week as I made embarrassing mistakes again. I look forward to reading the rest of your series on shame. It’s a pleasure to feature your post and I’m so glad you joined us!

  2. I love that post by Theresa as well. I read it earlier in the week and it has stuck with me. I have to remind myself that shame is just an emotion and I don’t have to let it define me.

    Thanks for welcoming me to Grace & Truth! I’m so excited to be hosting with you all!

  3. Scripture says that whatever is hidden will eventually be revealed and I think it’s this fear that makes it so much worse. I guess that’s why they say your secrets can kill you. We’re so lucky to have Jesus to run to and be safe. I hope you enjoyed Theresa’s post, Maree! Thanks for visiting!

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