Grace and Truth a weekly Christian link-up

Grace & Truth: A Weekly Link-Up For Christian Bloggers

Before we get into today’s Grace & Truth featured post, I have a special announcement.

I’ve written a few Grace & Truth introductions in the past two months to help out. I’ve truly enjoyed the privilege and Heather appreciates the help, so now we have a plan. Heather and I will alternate choosing the featured post and hosting the Grace & Truth Link-Up. We will trade occasionally if life gets the best of one of us, but you can expect to see Heather every 1st and 3rd Friday and me every 2nd and 4th Friday.

Now On To Our Featured Post!

Link-ups are special because they offer so much for both readers and bloggers. Readers love link-ups because it’s a virtual blogging buffet, littered with nourishing morsels of encouragement just waiting to be digested! Bloggers love link-ups because of the community and friendships we find amongst one another.

From the outside, this blogging thing appears magical. Perhaps you’ve wondered what it would be like to spread the love of the Gospel with the world online. The truth is, blogging is hard work, just like any other life endeavor.

I worked harder than ever during September and October as I went through an intense blogging class. Narrowing in on my audience I re-branded my blog. I learned what I’ve been doing wrong (a lot!) and how to fix it (takes time!).

By the end, my little writer’s heart was a bit drained, but Ashley Rowland’s post gave me just the boost I needed.

Christian Bloggers Need Encouragement Too

Whether you are a blogger or you’ve dreamed of becoming one, Ashley’s post “5 Unexpected Ways Blogging is Just Like Real Life” will give you a shot of equal parts both reality and encouragement.

This is what I got out of Ashley’s honest post about blogging and life: We all struggle, but we’re not alone, and we all need Jesus and each other.

If you’ve wondered what this blogging this is like, or if you’d like a little virtual hug from a fellow blogger who gives her heart on every post, your day will be all the better for visiting HISsparrowBlog.

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“5 Unexpected Ways Blogging Is Just Like Real Life”

Ashley, I’d tell you to grab the “I’ve Been Featured” button below, but you’ve already got it, along with a host of others, proof that your readers and fellow bloggers celebrate the fruits of your hard work with you.

And if you truly have considered blogging for Christ, come back here and check out “Be Our Guest” to review our submission guidelines and read my Letter “Dear Fellow Faith Blogger…” to find out how you can change lives as a blogger.

Grace & Truth Link Up
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