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The Unique Truth About God’s Grace

Has God’s grace ever surprised you? Have you had those moments when you know in your head that something about God is true – you believe it – but then something happens and it becomes personal to you? You now understand it?

The Grace of God

Years ago, I had a traumatic medical experience. The Sunday before, my pastor had preached on the grace of God, reiterating over and over again, adamantly even, that God’s grace will take care of you. I believed what the pastor said – I believed in God’s grace helping in time of need. Then I went home, and as most of us do, we sort of forget what we just heard. Not that we intentionally forget, but we don’t necessarily think on it much.

Then the next week happened. I was undergoing a medical procedure on Thursday, and that Wednesday night, back in church again, the sermon from Sunday came back to me in full color. Suddenly I heard it again – God’s grace will take care of you – of me – and while I was still scared, I also felt more secure.

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That next day was not easy, but I also was not alone. I can only describe it as God wrapping me in His arms and holding me tight. God held me, and I could feel it. Physically and spiritually. And that was the real manifestation of God’s grace in that moment.

I just want to attest today that God’s grace is a physical, tangible comfort when you’re going through something that no other comfort is going to alleviate. It’s God wrapping you up in His arms and holding tight.

And you can hold on to Him, too.

When Bad Things Happen

I know sometimes – oftentimes – when bad things happen, we get angry. It’s understandable, because we don’t like to be hurt.

But sometimes anger comes from misplaced expectations. God never promises there will be no trials, but we expect to be safe from harm when we’re walking in God’s will. What happens though is that our definition of harm is different than God’s.

We consider pain, difficulty, illness, loss to be harmful. But God doesn’t always see it that way. And when our definition of things doesn’t match God’s, we can get angry, because we’re expecting God to save us from all that pain. Instead God says He’ll walk through it with us – but He’s not going to save us from it completely.

How God's grace came alive for one Christian woman....

I can’t say I enjoy trials. I can’t say that my medical emergency was one that I walked through with complete confidence, head held high, ready to take on the world. What I can say though, is that the memory is dear to me.

Such an odd thing to say, I know, but the memory of the closeness of God’s grace is precious. It gives me assurance now that if I need God’s grace again, He’ll be right there with His presence to grant that special comfort that only His presence can give.

And I’m not any more special than anyone else. God’s grace is freely given to all of His children. So I know with just as much certainty that at any time, if any of His children need His presence, they have it.

When you need God’s grace, your cup will run over with abundance as well.

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Grace and TruthWeigh In on God’s Grace

Have you ever had something about God surprise you? Something you thought you understood, but then when it became personal to you, it seemed to take on more dimension?

Perhaps through trial or victory?


  1. I don’t think God has surprised me, but I have definitely grown closer to Him through my struggles these past few months. He has provided for us in a whole new way. Not that I didn’t think it possible, we just never needed it before. And you are right, it adds a whole new dimension to our relationship with Him. I now trust Him like never before.

  2. YES YES YES to this: “We consider pain, difficulty, illness, loss to be harmful. But God doesn’t always see it that way. And when our definition of things doesn’t match God’s, we can get angry, because we’re expecting God to save us from all that pain. Instead God says He’ll walk through it with us – but He’s not going to save us from it completely.” I agree. Even Jesus suffered.

  3. It’s wonderful to experience God in such a tangible way. For me, it was the love of God that washed over me, and I try to explain it to people, but there are no words…

    1. I feel that same way. Even in this blog post, I feel like I didn’t adequately express all that it means to me.

  4. God’s grace is so personalized! We often hear sermons on His grace, but really don’t understand what it means until it’s been experienced. Because His grace is given uniquely and purposefully, and only in a way that would impact our own lives and no one else’s. Thank you for sharing this truth and I hope that all reading this post will understand that His grace is not generalized for believers, but personalized and powerfully sufficient!

  5. I often think of the Scripture from James “Consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds…”I have had years of one trial after the next … it was difficult and truthfully, I experienced some bitterness, but now I see how God used those times to sharpen me, to grow me, to show me His grace & love.

  6. God has surprised me in the past. One instance, in particular, was during my Dad’s brain surgery. I was 37 weeks pregnant and my dad’s circumstance came about in an emergency fashion. During his 17 hour surgery, God surrounded me and gave me a peace that I can’t explain. It was like He enveloped me in a blanket of peace.

  7. I physically felt God’s warmth envelope me during divorce court. He knew what I needed and I am so grateful! I love it when head knowledge becomes heart and body knowledge!

    1. That must have been a difficult time, and I’m so glad God is there for us in all of our difficult times.

  8. When I think back on a few key trials of my life, I see how present God was, even thought I didn’t acknowledge Him. He was always present and always faithful even during my wandering spells! His goodness has become something that I treasure in my heart! He has taken all the ugly parts of my and made them good! <3

    1. You’re right. It’s so wonderful to realize that even when we are ignoring Him, God keeps up His end of the relationship and never leaves us.

  9. The grace of God is given to everybody depending on their purpose in life. I really believe so much in God’s Grace for my life.

    1. And it’s so versatile, too. We don’t even realize sometimes when it’s God’s grace getting us through something.

  10. When I look back over my life, the hardest trials have definitely produced the deepest faith growth in relationship with Jesus. Without them, I would have been pretty self-sufficient, and I would have missed the opportunities to rest in His care.

    1. And there’s so much fear about those dark times. I’m glad we can have these conversations to reassure each other that God is still there in the trials and we can have a time of rest in His care.

  11. “And when our definition of things doesn’t match God’s, we can get angry, because we’re expecting God to save us from all that pain. Instead God says He’ll walk through it with us.” Yes! And His Word never said we won’t have difficulties! Instead it says “when you face trials of various kinds” (James 1:2). Praise God that he is always there.

  12. I don’t know if I can add to all of the wonderful responses to this post. His grace is sufficient and I am so thankful for that. I praise Him for always being there!

  13. Read John 9: 1-5. Jesus reminds us here that things that are bad in our eyes may not be caused by us but may simply be there for God to reveal himself and His power to us and those we represent Christ to.

  14. When we feel God’s presence and peace coursing through us especially in the times where the waters are unsettled, we know without a shadow of a doubt that God is faithful!

  15. God does communicate with us personally and individually. That’s why ‘religion’ doesn’t satisfy. Religion is cold and impersonal and full of rules and regulations. Relationship (which is what God wants) is dynamic and alive and vibrant! Anyone who has tasted a relationship with Jesus won’t ever settle for religion again. thanks for your post

  16. Sherry, thank you for sharing these words about grace. It’s so true. God’s grace is real, tangible, and always there for us. I’m so thankful for his love. Thank you for sharing at Grace and Truth last week. I would love to feature this post tomorrow.

  17. I am here today because of God’s grace. Though I did not realize it at the time, a dear friend pointed out to me how God was at work in my life. I am so grateful for His grace.

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