God’s Got This… & You Too

Last year at this time was one of the hardest times in my life.

On April 24th, 2023, my husband, Dave, was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. I had taken him to urgent care earlier in the day, but they missed the fact that he had a roaring infection going through his body.

It happened to be his birthday and we had friends in from out of town. Although he was sick, he insisted that we go to dinner without him. We came back home from dinner to find him lethargic, confused and not able to get himself out of the chair.

This is when I knew he was in trouble, and I called 911 for help.

Seasons of Change

This was the beginning of our Spring, Summer and Fall that became a blur to both of us.

In one short week Dave was diagnosed with his fourth case of sepsis in the last five years where they found the infection had traveled to his heart. Dave needed to be transferred to a hospital which could better serve his needs and was scheduled for open heart surgery to save his life. But, in order to have open-heart surgery there were several tests and obstacles that had to be cleared up so he would have the best possible chance of survival.

In the weeks that followed he went through a battery of tests including having a tooth pulled and finding out he had an occipital stroke. He also had a partial calcanectomy which they thought was the root cause of his original diagnosis of sepsis. However, this surgery meant he would be non-weight bearing after open- heart surgery which was another complication.

Peace in Chaos

We did not know if he was going to live or die, but in the chaos, God had given Dave the peace that surpasses all understanding. I was very thankful for this because his peace gave me peace.

The night before his surgery Hubs wrote me a beautiful letter and at the end of the letter he wrote, “God’s Got This!” Little did I know this saying would become our mainstay of favorite words to say to each other.

God’s Got This!

The day of the surgery there were some tense moments and kissing my husband before he went into surgery was very emotional. As much as I wanted to believe that things were going to be okay, I was scared. I did not know if I would have another opportunity to tell him how much I loved, admired, and respected him and his faith. However, as they were wheeling him into the operating room with tears running down my cheeks, I heard him say, “God’s Got This!” Those words made me smile and I clung to those words and the prayers of many who were praying for us.

The surgery ended up being more complicated than anticipated because there was more damage to his heart than they initially thought. The doctor told us he was a dead man walking and if he made it through the next seventy-two hours this was going to be a marathon and not a sprint.

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The Confirmation

The first time I saw him he looked weak, vulnerable and worn as he lay in bed hooked up to countless machines, I.V.s and oxygen. His body had been through so much and I wasn’t sure what to expect and honestly, neither did the doctor.

Each day became an adventure as new things would happen, some good and some bad, but he continued to say, “God’s Got This!” The funny thing is other people began saying the same thing to us not even knowing how precious those words had become to us. Every day before I would go home, I would kiss him goodnight and he would tell me, “God’s Got This!” It was such a beautiful example of his faith and the strength that God had given to him to endure this storm.

Prayer is a Gift!

As days turned into weeks, I saw his spiritual strength get stronger way before his physical strength. I know this was because of all the prayers being said for him and whenever I would begin to get weary physically or emotionally, someone would say, “God’s Got This!” This would renew my spiritual strength too.

At this point, I was exhausted from not sleeping well and traveling back and forth one hour each way to the hospital to spend time with Hubs. Plus, I was trying to keep caught up with everything at home. But God was gracious to us in sending people my way to remind me that ‘God’s Got This!” 

Our Story for His Glory

Hubs was a warrior over and over again and everybody would tell me about all the hard work he was putting in to get home.  Yes, it might be because he is stubborn, but God can use anything to bring Himself honor and glory. God was and continues to be his strength and perfect sustainer.

As we continue to walk this road there have been some bumps along the way, but God’s faithfulness continues to teach the both of us. Just as we thought we were turning the corner, Dave had to have a procedure done three times to remove the extra fluid around his heart where they go in with a huge needle and drain the fluid off.  

Heading Home

After three months of being in the hospital we moved to rehab which was a huge deal. Hubs did so well at rehab they sent him home a week later. On the way out the door, Dave said once again, “God’s Got This!”

Life Throws Curveballs!

Over the past few months, life has continued to throw some curveballs, but God’s grace has continued to prevail. It is funny how tough things can make you grow closer to each other and to God. I do not know how people go through life crisis who don’t have a relationship with God.

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Hard Lessons of Life

So, what have I learned through all of this? The power of prayer is a force to be reckoned with and has proved time and time again that “God’s Got This!”

Our prayers were not always answered in the way we wanted, but I know that God has a better plan than my own. Our lives are about using our story for His glory and being the hope, love and encouragement to others who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Happy Birthday, Hubs!

I have been given another three hundred and sixty-five days with my Hubs who continues to defy the odds the world set before him because “God’s Got This!”

Whatever you may be going through trust in the promises of God’s word knowing that He is in every detail of your life. Keep praying for your answers and ask others to pray for you. None of us are beyond needing prayer.

This year will be a celebration of what was, what is and what is to come.

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God never changes, but we have been changed for the better. God not only has your situation, but God has also you too!

He will cover you with his feathers, He will shelter you with his wings, His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

Psalm 91:4

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  1. God is so good! And so are the two of you. Your faith and determination have been inspirational to so many who’ve followed along with your journey.

    May God grant you many more years of your wonderful marriage and devotion to one another.

    God’s got this!
    With love,

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