Becoming a Godly Follower

God Designed Me To Be A Follower – What About You?

Being a mom means I’m often one of the leaders in the household. It means I have many decisions to make each day, and many little crises to solve. For some people, I think that’s energizing. For me it’s exhausting. Sometimes I can’t even consider making another executive decision that day. I just want someone else to take over.

Everything in our society tells us to be a leader. Get trained to lead, not follow. Be the person who other people want to emulate. Be the one who is in charge. We’re constantly told “Be a leader, not a follower.”

Why? Why does our society tell us that?

God Created Each Of Us Differently

I mean seriously, there are some people who are more comfortable being a follower. Some of us are just not natural leaders. We prefer to be told what we need to do next.

I for one love being able to excel at a task that my leader has given me. I’m fine with being told that this task is mine, I’m in charge of it, and I need to do my best within those parameters. I don’t want to be the one in charge of the entire ministry though, because I’m not geared for that. It’s not my gift. I can take over temporarily if needed, I can form a short-term plan and implement it. But leading with vision and the ability to pass that vision to others, then organize it into coming about? Not really, no.

Now tell me, does that mean I’m not as accepted by God? Does it mean I’m not accomplishing all that God wants for me in this life? Does it mean I’m somehow not quite reaching my full potential as a Christian?

Why would it mean that?

[ctt template=”2″ link=”3IFOz” via=”no” ]We all have different gifts, and that’s okay. The people on stage could never be successful without the people in the seats, in the sound booths, and behind the scenes.[/ctt]

Leaders Need Followers

God tells us that He gifts us all differently. That some of us are the hands of the church, others the eye, others the head. We can’t all be the same member of the body of Christ. We can’t all be leaders – and we should not all try to be. Being a Godly follower is a noble goal in and of itself, if that’s what God wants of me.

Maybe some of this is where the jealousy comes from in church circles. The jockeying for one position in the church over another. The desire to be seen as a leader, not a follower. It’s perhaps the notion that we aren’t quite as good if we aren’t the leader. I know I’ve struggled with giving in to that mistaken belief.

Why can’t I just be grateful and happy for any role God gives me to play?

So I thought of a few things to help me remember the importance of the Godly follower. I figure that first knowing what defines a follower would help.

3 ways to become a godly follower

Being A Godly Follower

What it’s not:

  • A Godly follower is not someone who never questions anything.
  • A Godly follower is not mindless.
  • A Godly follower is not a lesser calling.

What it is:

  • A Godly follower keeps leadership on their toes. Because of the overarching principle of treating people with respect, we know God would expect a follower to be respectful, but you can question an order or ministry change in the correct way.
  • A Godly follower uses their mind and their creativity to do the tasks they’ve been given to do. They know their own skills, and are willing to offer those skills in ways that God can use to further the gospel.
  • A Godly follower holds a position of great value in the Kingdom of God. Followers are the brave soldiers in the spiritual fields of the world. We’re out there in the workforce, in the community, living the testimony of Christ in front of people in all walks of life.

When I look at these differences, I can see how God thinks of those of us in the rank and file. The ones who sit and listen to the preaching, volunteer when we’re asked or when we see a need, and then go out into the community to be the hands and feet of God’s gospel in the secular world.

And when I see how God considers following to be just as valuable, it helps me do better.

Are You A Leader or a Follower?

How have you found that being a follower has helped you be a better witness for God?

Or maybe you’re a leader. How has knowing what a good follower looks like helped you serve God more effectively?

[ctt template=”2″ link=”8ZXs5″ via=”yes” ]Are you a leader or a follower?[/ctt]

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  1. I love this, Sherry! I think sometimes in life we are all followers. Because godly leaders need godly followers. And we can’t become leaders if we have never been followers. And some of us are just built as followers, and that’s okay.

  2. This is great! I think in our faith, we’re all called to be leaders in the sense of being a leader to the world and showing them what living a life after Christ is like. However, in the sense you’re talking about- I totally agree. Not everyone is called to be a leader or is gifted in that way. My husband is the worship leader in our church and his role, while it’s in the spotlight, is just as important as the person in the sound booth, who sits in the dark. No one would hear the music if it wasn’t for that person’s gifting.

  3. I am a leader in certain aspects of my life and a follower in others. It depends upon the situation and who else is involved. But above all I want to be a follower of Jesus. Even in my leadership roles, I want only to be leading others to follow what God has told me to do.

    1. That’s very true. We’re often leaders in some situations, and followers in others. Sometimes we don’t even think of it that way, but it’s true.

  4. I am a leader and a follower. When I am called or asked to lead a meeting I fervently pray for the God’s guidance. He knows that I naturally like to be behind the scenes, insuring the nuts and bolts are on tight. I am a faithful follower and not only faithful but an eager and willing helper. I am not one who gets hung up on titles but my focus in any endeavor is making sure the ball ends up in the end zone, I honestly think I find more excitement in that, the end result, not who the chief or the Indians. We are all here to support one another, and as it was already stated, we are jointly fit into the body where everyone has a vital role to play.

  5. I think we are definitely both: godly followers and godly leaders (well, I suppose the godly part is questionable.) These are great lists that you gave us to think about how we are following or leading.

  6. I’m a follower. I like to have projects that others ask me to do. Maybe that’s why I have a harder time initiating my own projects. Ha, ha. Very insightful post. We are all necessary to the body and the work of His Kingdom.

  7. So many good points. I tend to be thrown into positions of leadership, but I love to sit back and follow a godly leader. When I follow , in a godly way I grow!

  8. Even the best leaders are followers; followers of God. I believe that all of us were born to be followers while only some are born leaders. Because to be a great leader, you should be a good follower. Great post!

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