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God Loves You – A Candid Moment Guest

How priceless is your unfailing love, O God!
People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.

Psalm 36:7

            Has anyone ever told you: “God loves you?” Growing up in church, I heard this phrase tossed around quite a bit. As a very young child, I felt the love of God deeply. Receiving and flowing in His love was second nature for me.

            But, as I got older, God’s love became something that I logically understood. The Bible said He loved me, so I believed it, but I felt it less and less.

Learning That God Loves Me

            Looking back, it’s really strange because I could easily lean into God’s peace, God’s strength, and even His joy. But His love was harder for me to feel. I’m not saying that I never felt it…it was just more difficult for me and didn’t happen as often as I would have liked.

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            The past few years, the topic of God’s love has been placed heavily on my heart and I’ve longed to return to that child-like state of effortlessly receiving God’s love. I knew that He wasn’t holding out on me—there was nothing wrong on His end—so I asked God to show me what was blocking things on my end.

            God answered my request by gently reminding me of different times in my life when people had let me down. The cares of life had taken root in me. Even though I had managed to remain close to God, a wall of distrust was standing between us. I had erected the wall as a way to protect myself from being hurt. Perhaps it even helped me survive for a time.

Lean Into God's Love

            But I realized that this wall was no longer serving me. I no longer needed it. So, I asked God to help me tear it down. In His great love and patience, He took me back to those painful memories again, and revealed to me that He never left my side.

            And I began to recognize that the times when I was leaning into His peace, His strength, and His joy were made possible because of His love.

            It didn’t take much for that wall around my heart to fall. Like a building under controlled demolition, it fell down…and Jesus (my first love) was on the other side…not far off in the distance, but right there with arms open wide and eyes full of love.

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            Waves of love passed over me and through me effortlessly, and since that moment, my heart has been able to receive the love of my Abba Father more freely.

            If it’s been hard for you to receive God’s love, or maybe you feel far from Him right now, please know that you are not alone. Jesus is right there with you. He has never left your side. He wants to heal you from the past. He can tear down the walls around your heart.

            “God loves you” is more than a trite little saying. It’s a fact, not just for your head to know, but for your heart to feel.

About the Author

Down to earth but Kingdom minded: Dr. Karen Michelle “Shelly” Ricci is a wife, mom, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Biblical Wellness Counselor, and writer. Her passion is to see the Body of Messiah healed and restored -in mind, body & spirit. Her own health journey, and life experiences, have enabled her to approach deep topics in a light-hearted way. You can check in with her at: shalomtotalwellness.com.

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