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Grace & Truth for Giving Thanks When It’s Hard

Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me. 

Psalm 66:16

This week Heather and I learned that we share a favorite verse. It turns out Psalm 66:16 is her life verse, and my post-cancer verse.  

During cancer treatment, I learned that peace comes from shifting my focus upward towards Jesus in praise and thanksgiving.  

Cancer was hard, but it didn’t break me. In fact, leaning on Jesus through breast cancer lit a fire in me, gave me a voice, so now I can’t not write about Him any more than I can’t not breathe.  

For me, Psalm 66:16 is about gratitude, not only in the hard times, but for the hard times.  

I was giving thanks in all circumstances. But could I thank God for those circumstances? – Patricia Gardner Click To Tweet

And so is today’s featured post.  

While I learned to give thanks through music, Patricia learned through a gratitude journal. 

I’m not sure how Heather learned how to praise God for the hard times, but I know she lives out her life verse. I hear her praise Him even when her head hurts too much to speak.  

How to Give Thanks When It’s Hard

The one thing I do know is that Patricia, Heather, and I continue to learn to praise Him in and for the hard times through obedience.  

Giving Thanks When It's Hard

Are you in the mood for Thanksgiving yet?  

To be candid, neither am I, but together, we can change that. Patricia started out small. But isn’t it like that sometimes?  

So, keep looking up until you see your natural posture straighten a bit.  

Whether you give Jesus praise and thanksgiving through music, a journal, prayer, art – it doesn’t matter. Just do it because He tells you to, especially when it’s hard. 

Patricia can help get you started.   

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For This I am Thankful

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  1. There’s no way around it, cancer is hard. I’m sorry you had to suffer through it. Praising God through the hard times is a spiritual discipline that I have to work on all. the. time. I’m more apt to whine.

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