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Free Advice & The Opportunity The Selfie Strips Away

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were on a cruise. While we were at one of our destinations, we were on a beach in Bermuda and a couple was taking a selfie of themselves (is it still a selfie if two people are in the photo?). I offered to take a photo of them, because I know that sometimes selfies are harder to take and they politely declined my offer.

Now, that really isn’t such a big deal, but it made me think that I lost an opportunity to connect with these people. I am not saying that selfies are bad, I take them myself. Normally it wouldn’t bother me, and it really didn’t, it just made me think about how many opportunities we miss because of the selfie. I probably wouldn’t have thought much of this, if what I am about to tell you didn’t happen just a couple weeks before.

I was at the beach in my town with my daughter, Olivia. We were practicing her walking skills, and she got a little tired so we sat on the pavement. She watched as a family played catch with each other, and they all commented on her cuteness. Seriously, we can’t really go anywhere without people commenting on how cute she is. And it was her cuteness and a picture which led to what happened next…

There was a group of about seven teen girls near us on the beach trying to take a selfie. I heard them say “I wish there was someone who could take our picture”. I offered, and made my way over with Olivia and put her on one of their towels to keep her clean from the sand. After I took their photo, they all flocked around Olivia and flaunted over her cuteness.

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Free Advice For Life

I got to talking with these girls who were graduating high school, and about to go to college. They shared with me where they were going to be going, and then they decided that they were going to offer Olivia advice for when she grows up.

Don't settle, and other free advice for life.The advice ranged from letting her know that it was okay to wear denim on denim (not so sure about that advice) to doing well in school to having a good relationship with her mom (because she seems kinda cool). This went on for about 10 minutes at least, and they must have told her like 50 things.

Olivia seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself as they continued to entertain her by circling around and signing to her. Oh, and then she decided she was going to eat all of their truffle fries, sorry girls!

As we were talking, I kept thinking to myself that it would only be fair if I offered them some words of wisdom myself, since they were pouring so well into my daughter so well. As I was about to leave them here is some of what I offered to them.

  • Don’t settle for a guy that doesn’t treat you right. You are worth more than that.
  • Do good. Not well, do good. It’s a verb.
  • When you find good friends, don’t let them go.
  • It’s okay to dream, and it is okay if your dreams don’t work out, keep dreaming anyway.
  • Have fun, and enjoy life.

Oh, & One More Thing

But I had to leave them with one more thing. I told them that I was a Christian, and wanted to let them know that they had a good, good Father who loved them dearly and would never leave them or forsake them.

As I left I heard them say “that was the best afternoon ever!”

Friends, I have to tell you that I probably miss opportunities like this every day. I don’t want to but I do, and it can sometimes be because I am trying to take a selfie.

It is summer time, it is a time when the weather is nice, and everyone wants to get out of the house and spend time outside (if it isn’t like 100 degrees that is). When you are outside there are opportunities every single day for us to spread the Gospel, and His Word says to always be prepared to share where your hope comes from when asked.

Now, these girls didn’t ask me where my hope came from, but we always need to be prepared to share the love of Jesus with the opportunities that are before us.

[ctt template=”2″ link=”8a15m” via=”yes” ]As she left she heard them say “that was the best afternoon ever!” – and it never would have been if they would have stuck with their selfie.[/ctt]

Your Turn…

This summer, ask God for opportunities to share His love where ever you go, to open your eyes to the opportunities that He places before you, and for boldness to share what He places on your heart.

Besides selfies, what other things can stand in the way of seeing the opportunities God puts before you?

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  1. I love those points of advice you gave those girls! Sometimes people don’t have to learn things the hard way if they are willing to listen to wisdom from others. How fun that those girls also gave advice to your daughter.

  2. I love getting the opportunity to share and connect with complete strangers. Even though we likely will never cross paths again, the opportunity to show love and interest in them will last longer than we may realize!

  3. Connecting with people is one of the joys of being human. You just never know when you will make a connection!

  4. Hello Jessica, thank you for providing Kindle edition of the “Candid Conversations”. As you write about this book, I can’t wait to read it. It is very helpful blog. Keep posting!

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