Do Not Be Dismayed

We’re only a few months into the new year and already the world has been shaken so deeply.

There have been more than 67 US shootings at the time I’m writing this that have left survivors and family members traumatized. Earthquakes that have completely shattered communities and families. And all of this has been going on in a post-pandemic economy.

Despite the many uncertainties that have come with it, as Christians, it’s important for us to hang onto God’s promises in His Word. The word in Jeremiah 46:27 tells us to fear not and to not be dismayed because the Lord himself will save us. I remember being in that place of shear terror and shock and having absolutely no one that I could honestly trust to ask for help. It really took a toll but through reading the word, I learned that God is my redeemer and He will honor me despite my current captivity.

The Bible says in Deuteronomy 31:8, that God will not forsake you but go before you in all your battles. If you seek the Lord then he will go before you and grant you strength and courage to face all the challenges that come your way and give you wisdom to make the right decisions. Don’t give up on life or what you’ve started.

Revelations 2:3 tells us to not faint while laboring for the Lord. I understand this to mean that I should be joyful knowing that the work I do for the Lord is always worth it. We know from Matthew 11:28, God will give rest. If we operate with faith and trust in God, there will be no more room for fear or dismay. God will give all of us rest in these trying times if we choose to put Him first.

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