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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my post, Valerie. I admire literary or artistic journals and “perfect” devotional practices, but for many of us, waiting for the ideal keeps us from the Word. It’s like waiting to talk to our husbands until we have a beautifully set meal with tablecloth and candles and mouthwatering food and a string quartet in the corner. Those times are nice, but if that’s the only time we ever talked…we’d be in trouble.

    I enjoyed your pictures. I forgot to include my phone! I use an ESV Study Bible, which is hefty, so I look up cross references and definitions on my phone instead of flipping back and forth. And I get so many ideas in the shower, too! And I have to pray God helps me remember them til I can write them down.

    1. I loved your post because it is so real and I love the spirit behind your new hashtag (which is why I included it like 20 times in my post!). I know you’ll encourage a lot of women to stop wasting time with all the frills and just snuggle up with Jesus. Thanks again for linking up with Grace & Truth, Barbara! It’s always such a pleasure reading your words!

    1. I know you’ll enjoy Barbara’s fun and encouraging post, Tiffany! And if you love growing in your devotion time, I’d like to recommend my latest treasure find – The Greatest Words Ever Spoken by Steven Scott. It has all the words of Jesus listed in different categories. I’m really excited to begin using it both with my Bible time and my writing!

  2. Quite possibly one of the most important things you can encourage women in! It’s taken me years to accept a less than perfect quiet time with the Lord! I still need reminders!

    1. I agree, Amy. Chasing an ideal may represent good intentions, but sometimes it can just be a distraction that keeps us away from Jesus. I’m thankful that He’s always there waiting to welcome us no matter how long it takes

  3. My motto is we must do what works for us. For me, the best way is to find a quiet place first thing in the morning. I have a habit of over-preparing for everything and getting nothing done.

    1. That’s a great motto, Maree. Anytime I’ve been guilty of over-prepping, it only leads to confusion and I don’t use the majority of what I thought I needed anyway. I think sometimes I’m guilty of trying to fancy-up scripture, like my additions to God’s Word will somehow make it better. But His Word alone is perfect and the frills are just distractions.

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