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Designed To Reflect God’s Glory, Grace & Truth

I have a special treat for you today. I chose a poem instead of a post. Honestly, I’m not really one for poetry, but this one was different. Not only was it written in 5 minutes flat, but it echoes a unique message I first learned from a piece of classic literature.

One of my favorite books is The Practice of The Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. When the 17th century lay brother arrived at the Carmelite monetary in Paris, Brother Lawrence was assigned to serve in the worst possible position: the kitchen. There wasn’t anything wrong with the kitchen, he just disliked everything about preparing meals, doing dishes, and cleaning floors.

However, over time, he grew to enjoy his job, and was known as one of the happiest and most productive workers in the monastery. His secret to moving from contempt to joy was a bit strange.

He washed dishes for God.

God gave him eternal life, so if God wanted Brother Lawrence to serve in the kitchen, then his kitchen would be the best in all of Paris. Brother Lawrence prepared meals as though the Heavenly Father was the guest of honor. He thanked God for the floor beneath his feet as he swept. He washed dishes to shine like the morning sun. And in dedicating every daily duty to God, Brother Lawrence lived a life of amazing intimacy with the Father.

Designed to Reflect God’s Glory

Sarah’s poem takes a different view on the same theme. We’re designed in His image, and we want to display His glory, so we chase one costly, shiny object after another to impress Him (and each other) with our best.

While we can all agree that Sarah’s writing world is a wonderful place for Christian women, she’s also familiar with Brother Lawrence’s mindset.

Please join me at “Designed To Reflect God’s Glory” so see how you can reflect God’s glory without spending a penny or saying a word.

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Designed to Reflect God’s Glory

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  1. Brother Lawrence’s book is one of my favorites that I return to every few years (I’m due again). And also Sarah’s poetry. I’ve been reading her prayers this month and really benefiting from them.

    1. It always surprises me how impactful it is to read other people’s prayers included in blog posts. It fills me up, like I can feel they are really praying for me. Sarah’s poem did that for me too.

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