Choosing Thankful

Choosing Thankful & Praising God

It was the perfect day. Cool, but the sun was shining. My son was home from school to watch our driveway get paved. He loves trucks, so this was going to be a special treat for him. My dad was there to experience this piece of heaven with him, but after pretending to be a construction worker for a few minutes he quickly lost interest and wanted to play with me. But he wanted me to himself. And so did my daughter. I had both children vying for my full attention, and not settling for anything less.

What I needed was to clone myself so each child could have one of me. But that is not an option. I couldn’t give anymore than what I was giving, it wasn’t enough, and no one was happy.

“No, play with me…” says my son who wanted me to go on the seesaw with him, as my daughter is at my feet reaching up and crying so I could hold her.

This didn’t last that long, but my thoughts quickly went to how many times I can feel in life that I just can’t give anymore. And here we are approaching the most giving time of year.

Be thankful in all things.

That is what scripture says, and it is going to be Thanksgiving in a few days. A time when we should give thanks. But let me be honest, there are times that I can find it really hard to be thankful.

Thanksgiving is a time for giving, and honestly, I am not sure I can give anymore. I feel poured out and spent. I can’t fathom thinking about what I can give… forget the actual active giving part.

In Everything Give Thanks.

God, I am not sure how much more of myself I can give. I feel empty and the last thing that I feel like giving is thanks.

Have you ever felt like that? Like you just can’t give anymore? Especially giving thanks?

Have you ever felt like you just can’t give anymore? Like you have nothing left to give, not even any thanks? Share on X

Hard truth coming. Giving thanks is exactly what we need to be doing when we feel like we have nothing more to give. Giving thanks despite what we think we do not have. But why give thanks? And in ALL things? Another hard truth coming friends….

Because it is His will for us.

It is His desire or what He wants for us. Hmmm, I can make a list of all the things that I want, and being thankful isn’t on that list. But despite what I want, that is what God wants.

I have spent a lot of time focusing on the I can’ts, and my human wants. And not that some of my wants are bad. Some of my wants are very good. But it becomes a problem when I put my wants before my praise.

Many of you have probably heard the song “New Wine” by Hillsong Worship. One of the lines says “I came here with nothing, but all You have given me.”

All He has given me. Well how many times do I feel like I have nothing? That my hands are empty and I just can’t give anymore… but then I have to think of all He has given me.  And what is that? Well first off in Ephesians, Paul tells us that God has blessed us with every “spiritual blessing”.

7 spiritual blessings to be thankful for this year.

Spiritual Blessings

But what exactly is a spiritual blessing?

  • That He chose us before the foundations of the earth.
  • That He chose to make us blameless and holy, because of His loving kindness.
  • That He chose us even when we were dead in our sin, to be adopted as His daughters. (My friend recently adopted a little boy. And let me tell you that little boy is blessed as one who was chosen and adopted) We are blessed to be chosen and adopted as children of God.
  • That He pours out His grace on us who belong to His son Jesus.
  • That because He is rich in kindness, He purchased our freedom with the blood of Jesus.
  • He has given us inheritance through Christ. The inheritance of eternal life, a heavenly home, and the presence of God.
  • And when we became children of God, He sealed us with eternal security that no one can take away from us.

All He has given me. It is a lot. It is overwhelming to think about what He gives us. Abundant life through Jesus, because He chose to out of His loving kindness. Yes, indeed I have a lot. Yes indeed, He has given you a lot.

Choosing Thankful

So, when we feel like we have nothing to offer, may we turn our eyes to all He has given us as His adopted children. And may our hearts be filled with thanksgiving.

What are you choosing to be thankful for today? Share on X
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  1. Thank you so much. It was refreshing and good to read about spiritual blessings! I am so thankful for them but while I am often tired it seems I was/am a bit blind for them. Thank you for writing so open and nice.

  2. This post definitely helps a child of God focus on gratitude. It takes just this little bit of effort in re-framing our perspective to realize all we have in Jesus.

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