I’m Surrounded (By My Own Choices)

Every thing is at my fingertips. I take up my phone for the weather report, a honey sugar mask recipe I stumbled across the other day, to check on a sick friend, order a shirt from my favorite brand, help to care for a cold my son has, or to gain support from a friend.

It’s all at my fingertips.

No wonder I reach for it constantly.

It’s attached to my hip, in my purse, beside me on the couch, closer than my spouse, my kids … my God.

Has it replaced these things? Don’t be ridiculous.

But it’s replaced so much and become essential when other things have fallen away.

Candid Confession

I’m not here to guilt you, but to confess.

I reach for my cell phone over my Bible, ten thousand times to one. Maybe more.

It’s become an idol. In my hand, my heart, my head.

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But, but … it’s how I connect, stay informed, find comfort, knowledge, companionship, affirmation, besides I work from it, it helps supplement my income.


It’s my … source?

Step back and think.

Who is my source?

What have I replaced Jesus and God’s Word with?

But, but … I have a Bible app.

And it’s not the same and not open near as frequently as let’s say, Facebook.

The Challenge

So I challenge myself and you, if you so desire, to pick up the Word of God more. To be more specific, every third time you go to pick up the phone, replace it with picking up the actual Bible.

Not convenient at work? When did work involve our phones and maybe when you’re checking social media at lunch, open that app.

Thus says the Lord of hosts: “Return to Me,” says the Lord of hosts, and I will return to you,” says the Lord of hosts.

Zachariah 1:3
cell phone idolatry


  1. Thank you for the challenging post, Laura. I don’t know many people who can’t relate, and I’m certainly one of them! I loved the practical suggestion to pick up the actual Bible every third time I reach for my phone…I’m definitely going to try that.

  2. Great post, Laura. I do not have a smart phone, so I don’t reach for my phone as much as maybe someone else, but I have other idols in my life….food, clothes, comfort….the list could go on. I appreciate this post, because it reminded me to ask myself, what am I reaching for besides God. Thank you.

  3. So very true. I find my phone or my kindle in my hands every time I turn around. I freak out when I can’t find them and will tear up rooms just to find them. I feel the pull to these things so strongly and I really thing I just need to leave them off sometimes. Thanks for the challenge

    1. Yes, I’m doing better but certainly not always denying the draw. I’ve recently been leaving the bible app open so I easily can read where I left off instead of hitting the Facebook icon.

  4. I wish I could tell you the number of times I have asked where my phone was only to have it in my hand. Now, that is bad! I must say I have set some pretty strict boundaries for myself which have been very helpful.
    1. I don’t take the phone into our bedroom
    2. I turn it on silent between the hours of 11:00 pm -8:00 am. Did you know you can set your phone with a code so if there is an emergency people can get through to you? My most important people have the code.
    3. On Sunday, the phone is off until after church.
    4. Every family member’s phone goes into the basket and on silent during dinner time. (usually 45 min.)

    Sometimes, these are hard to follow, but I knew God was calling me to be obedient and be an example. I’m not perfect , but I’m striving to do better in this area.

  5. Guilty! Thanks for the reminder to check what my priorities are and to get them back in order. Needed this nudge in the right direction 🙂

  6. I am probably the only 40 something year old woman without a cell phone. But I do tend to use the computer a lot if I don’t keep myself in check. This is a great reminder and challenge, Laura. Thanks for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

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