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Book smart and brain dead! You have no common sense! Don’t you ever think?

I can’t tell you how young I was the first time I heard those words. But I’ve known shame for as long as I can remember. I had to do and be more. I wasn’t enough. No matter how hard I tried. 

But not anymore. Thanks to Theresa. 

In February, I featured There is no Shame in Feeling Shame, Theresa’s 2nd post in her 11-part series on shame. I subscribed to her blog and I’ve read every post. And I don’t feel shame anymore.

This week, Heather chose to feature Theresa’s last post in the series, “What if Shame Has A Bigger Purpose Than Us?”. 

So if it’s Heather’s week to feature, why am I writing to you today?

Because her migraines got the best of her, so she reached out for help. It saddens me when Heather is too sick to write, but I’ll tell you what I love.

Can Shame Be A Blessing?

She used to seem embarrassed to ask for help, but now she just comes out and says “Will you please do this if you have time?” And I love that she can feel the freedom to reach out without hesitation.

We all have experience with shame, don’t we? That pit of self-condemnation in our gut that says we’re less than. Defective. Hopeless. A burden.

Can Shame be Used for Good?

Don’t you wish we never had to experience that icky thing in our heart that leaves us both defenseless and defensive?

Well, Theresa pointed out that Jesus’ life on earth both began and ended with shame, so we certainly don’t get a free pass. But just as Jesus’ shame brought glory to the Father, so can ours.

It seems opposite, but shame can lead us to God. Making us better, stronger, more loving people. @TheresaBoedeker Click To Tweet

Our God can use all things for good, including shame. Do you want to trade your shame for His glory? Then join Theresa for the beautiful conclusion to a life-changing series at

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What if Shame Has a Bigger Purpose Than Us?

P.S. Theresa already has the “I’ve Been Featured” button, but I wanted to let y’all know she’ll be back on our blog on Monday as a Candid Guest, so be sure to swing back by.

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  1. Heather, I hope very soon you get back to feeling well. I know shame in the past has kept me from reaching out for help. Thinking people would see me as lacking or needy. But actually it us a sign of strength. Of vulnerability and letting others be the hands and feet we need in God’s community. Keep reaching out and blessing others and yourself.

  2. Shame is such a yucky feeling. 🙁 I’m glad God can even use shame for good. I’m thankful for Theresa and her series too! I don’t recall hearing much teaching about shame as I was growing up, so I’m glad it’s more prevalent now. We need teaching about it

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