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Grace & Truth After Abortion As A Christian Woman

We all have a past.

I’ll be honest, I’m not proud of everything I did growing up. And I’ll go out on a limb and say you probably aren’t either.

I was the “good kid.”

Breaking rules and disobeying didn’t even occure to me. But I still did things I’d rather not have shouted from the rooftops.

Maybe you can relate?

That’s where our featured post today starts out. A young girl (just 14) found herself pregnant and afraid. And that young girl made choices.

But then that girl grew up.

And that’s where our featured post takes us.

Because one scared young girl grew up and met one great God. And His love and grace is something nothing in our pasts can contain.

3 Healing Truths for Christian Women After Abortion

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One scared young girl grew up and met one great God… and His love and grace is something nothing in our pasts can contain. Click To Tweet

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    1. You are so right that God’s love and grace are definitely woven into every aspect of God’s healing in my life. Thank you for reading it and thank you Heather for sharing my story.

  1. Quite an amazing testimony and one that’s hard to digest for some. Thank you for sharing and for providing a link-up of like-minded people to enjoy fellowship and sharing.

    1. I totally agree hard for some perhaps to digest. That’s were Healing Hearts came in for me. It brought me biblical truth and healing. Not just for abortion but for any struggles a women has had and needs healing from.

  2. I love your intro to Lee-Ann’s story. “…one scared young girl grew up and met one great God.” YES! His grace is unfathomable. Thank you for featuring this post.

  3. Thank you so much for allowing my story to be shared. It’s by God’s grace and unending and undeserving mercy that I was healed from this pain. My heart is to share with all women young and old the power of healing that can only be done in Christ. Please continue to share my story and stories like these to give hope to the broken-hearted. I’m happy to answer questions or come speak to youth groups and ladies ministry groups on this important topic. This is a topic that needs to be shared in the church, as surprising as it is abortion and it’s affects are very much active in our churches, schools and normalized by society. . Blessings to you ?

  4. Wow, this story really got to me. It is so crazy that so many suffer in silence believing they are the only one God can’t forgive and love. But the truth is God loves us all so much and there is no sin or shame too great for His love to Cover. THank you for sharing this story.

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