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Grace & Truth for Used & Abused Scriptures

The greatest student of Scripture since the dawn of time is Satan. 

Not only does he know Scripture, but he knows it so well as to twist a passage so discreetly that the most beautiful words ever written are utterly perverted before you can even question him. 

The enemy whispers convoluted truth into a confused believer’s ears until she can’t help but think “oh, yeah, you’re right!” 

The next thing you know, a newly converted Atheist has published their first book: “The Truth of Scripture Revealed…”

Satan did it to Eve, he tried to do it to Jesus, and he does it to us. Every. Single. Day.

Used & Abused Scriptures

I’ve used my passion for used and abused Scriptures as inspiration for a few posts. There’s one I always wanted to write, but I never got around to it. 

But Amanda did. And she did an amazing job unpacking the plain truth of a misunderstood Scripture, in all its beautiful simplicity. 

I don’t want to add to or take away from her perfect post, but I’ll give you just a little sneak-peak (because I get a kick out of being a brat that way). 

We don’t want to always assume that something we want is always equal to what God wants.

Because (unfortunate as it is) that’s not always true. 

We don’t want to always assume that something we want is always equal to what God wants. Because (unfortunate as it is) that's not always true. Share on X

Just as the cool October breeze drifting through my windows, her words will leave you refreshed if you take in every nourishing word to the very end. 

And the next time the enemy tries to seduce you into believing that God cheated you, you’ll know better. 

“… yet not my will, but yours be done,”

Luke 22:42
Dreams are sweeter with Jesus

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Delighting in God Transforms Our Dreams and Desires

Announcement & Bonus!

This is Heather.

I’m interrupting Valerie’s post for a moment, but it’s for a really good reason.

When Valerie shared this post with me earlier this week, I fell in love with it.

But I’ll get back to that in just a moment.

First, I want to share with all of you that I just launched my very own Etsy store!

It’s called Gospel Balm and it’s really an extension of the ministry here at Candidly Christian.

But, Y’all. This is big for me.

So, back to Valerie sharing Amanda’s post with me.

I read Amanda’s post at just the right time. And every time I go back and read it again it ministers to my soul just a little bit more because God is so good.

After reading Amanda’s post and what Valerie wrote about it above. I created a printable that I would love for y’all to have to help celebrate my dream. You can download it by visiting my new website here.

Don’t worry, there’s no email list to sign up for or purchase required. It’s just some wisdom passed along from King David, to Amanda, to Valerie and I, and all of you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Free Printable: Dreams Are Sweeter With Jesus
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