Trust in hard times

6 Facts To Remember To Help You Trust In Hard Times

Tough times come for everyone. Let’s face it we all know that we will have a tough time at some point in our life. That’s a given. The key is how do we handle the tough time, the trial, the burden when it comes.

I remember when I had the trial of my life that seemed like the pressure of life was coming back to back.

I lived in my closet in depression. I lived on the couch in depression. I lived in my van in depression. I lived at church in depression, and anywhere else I happened to be.  

I remember thinking nothing will change it will never get any better. I wanted to die every single day. You’ve probably been there yourself.

As a Christian we have to always remember God is for us. He is with us and He never leaves us. But, that can be hard when we’re faced with impossible circumstances, and sometimes you’re just not quite sure if God’s going to come through.

Hard Times are… Hard

I remember when my life was totally upended from divorce. I couldn’t see past my hand and on a good day, and even that was blurry.

Just the other day, I had a flash back of how how crushingly hard the past 10 years has been. I remembered how I used to deal with things a lot different. My view of God was so clouded with orphan thinking and emotional pain. It’s truly a miracle I am even here today. I am truly amazed at the power of God’s grace on my life.

But looking back I was thinking about what I am now able to walk in that I couldn’t then. I want to give you six things to really remember to help you trust in hard times. When I was in mine, I violated all of these for various reasons which is another blog. But for now here is the list that will help you if you remember these.

6 Facts to Remember to Help You Trust God in the Hard Times

6 Facts to Remember to Help You Trust in Hard Times

  1. Everything and I do mean everything CAN and WILL change.  Nothing stays the same. You never have the same problem forever. God is faithful and will deliver.
  2. You’ve overcome challenges before. You are stronger than you know and you will overcome this challenge WHATEVER it is.
  3. It’s a learning experience. This one is huge because NOTHING comes to your life that God doesn’t know about and doesn’t change, eventually. If it’s coming in your life it is for a reason. Learn from it.
  4. Not getting what you want can be a blessing. Hey let’s face it, some stuff we want that we think will fix our problem is NOT what we need and God knows this. So, be glad if the wrong thing doesn’t come. You will see it later.
  5. Allow yourself to have some fun. Just enjoy something. Have fun. Live moment to moment but enjoy something.
  6. And there is always something to be thankful for. God is good all the time. Thank Him for where you are and for what He is doing.
Not getting what you want can be a blessing. Hey let’s face it, some stuff we think will fix our problem is NOT what we need and God knows this. Share on X

So, there you are. I bless you dear reader and take courage. Have no fear and remember that you can and will get through this tough time with Him.

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