3 Steps to Being Spiritually ‘Alkaline’

Upon thinking about purity, many linger on the physical aspects and exterior components that individuals entertain through daily living. Collectively, our focus tends to be on the things that we can see as a way for us to really understand purity. We look at someone’s lifestyle to determine their level of integrity or holiness.

In all honesty, you have the right to be judgmental. The Bible calls us to in the world but not of it and so, we shouldn’t conform.

Although that judgment is righteous, it must also be noted that there are many other factors that can be considered with regards to holiness. When we are living in a place that is out of alignment to God’s will for our life, we leave ourselves at risk for contamination. A very short list of some side effects from lose of balance are: lack of sleep, stress, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, loss of desire for things you used to do and emotional instability due to soul ties with the wrong people. All of these side effects become realities when we are not living ‘alkaline’ in all of our foundations. I personally struggled with this balance as a young person and I learned that having boundaries and a strong foundation in Christ is really the only way to combat side effects of imbalance. The other foundations of holiness (besides the physical) are emotional purity, mental purity, and spiritual purity. I’m sure after this reading that you will also agree that there is so much importance on being balanced on every level.

In terms of wellness one goal could be to become balanced or alkaline. Through food we know that we can achieve this alkaline state by removing toxic foods and incorporating healthier options that promote a balanced PH level in our bodies. How vital could this detox be to our minds, emotions, and souls? This concept of being spiritually ‘alkaline’ is applicable to anyone, anywhere and you can apply this life changing detox to your life today!

Step One: Do Inventory

Surprisingly, this can be the most difficult step. Doing inventory of your lives to find the toxic traits tends to be difficult only because we have grown so attached to the behaviours, foods and people that unfortunately are throwing our lives off balance. We find it difficult to let go of the things and the people that make us feel good, and so this is the root problem and this is where the healing begins. I would suggest, taking a few minutes with a pen and paper to write down up to ten things that you believe are pulling you towards toxic, instead of alkaline. This is highly personal so take your time and really think about it. Maybe for one person the toxicity is coming from your lack of work life balance. Another maybe a friendship. Whatever it is to you, do you inventory! Honestly, I do these ‘inventory’ checks every couple of months to reflect on the things that I’m doing and the people in my life. By reflecting on my behaviors as often as possible, I keep myself in check and prevent avoidable situations.

Step Two: Make A Plan

Now that you have mapped out the specific areas in your life that need healing, chances are you will actually reach those goals. But seek the Holy Spirit as your friend who hears you and will be there to direct you (John 20:22.) Set some more boundaries in your life. Cut back on the amount of time you spend on social media, comparing. Go down you list and consider something you can do to limit or eliminate that toxic, so that you can get to ‘alkaline.’ This might be a hard one. Personally, I found that through prayer and fasting I was able to really let go of the distraction we know as social media. I started spending more time with God, reading the word and meditating on scriptures and this basically took up the time I would have been spending on social media. If you were looking for a quick way to get going, start there!

Step Three: Take Action Through Christ!

One way to start taking action is to pray and ask God for his deliverance and grace to carry through with what you’ve planned. You can start by saying: “Heavenly Father, I repent today for allowing myself to be out of alignment with you will. I pray today that you would direct me on my journey to being alkaline through you word and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

People of God if you said that short prayer, I believe that you are on you way to becoming spiritually ‘alkaline’ and free from the bondage of this world. Ultimately, my desire to live ‘alkaline’ had to come from within. I had to make the choice that I didn’t want to have soul ties, bad connections and low self esteem hold me back. I had to choose to be happy, healthy and holy. I learned that when I made these choices internally, God met me half way and provided more chances for me to get back my balance. As I trusted him everyday He taught me. When I struggled, He reminded me of why I started. He empowered me because I first made the choice to serve Him. The Bible says in 1 Peter 5:8 to be aware and sober because we have an enemy that never takes a day off from trying to snatch our souls away from God.

My desire for you is to also be empowered enough, through Christ, to obtain and maintain wellness in this ever-changing world.

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