Are you considering joining our monthly round up, but you really aren’t quite sure what you are getting yourself into?

You are not alone. Below you will find some clear instructions for participating as well as some frequently asked questions. But first, let’s answer the question “What is a round up anyways?”

A round up blog post is simply one blog post that links to other blog posts on a specific topic or within a specific niche.

How to Participate in the Candid Round Up:

  1. Write an awesome blog post related to the monthly topic.
  2. Publish it on your own blog, as a guest post on CandidlyChristian or somewhere else.
  3. Submit the link to the post here.


Here are some general FAQ to help clear up any remaining confusion…

Do you need to send me the text for the blog post?

No. If you would like it to be a guest post on Candidly Christian, we can talk about that, but it is not required to be in the round up. All I need is the link to the post wherever it is published.

Do you have to participate?

NO! This is totally optional and if you don’t have a blog post that fits, don’t sweat it.

Do round ups hurt SEO?

It depends on the round up. Round ups with hundreds of links are actually really bad and can destroy your SEO. But a few small round up posts on select topics can be a great way to drive organic traffic to your site, and get your blog to rank for keywords.

Why host a round up?

As mentioned above, round up posts can be a great way to drive traffic to your website. For instance, the first post I shared was to a blog post on my reader site that lists 10 places you can get free audiobooks. This is the most popular post on my website. Partly because it has also been included in round up posts for readers on other websites (see here).

Any other questions? 

If so, just let me know. But I really hope this helps clear up some of the confusion.