Lord, I need Jesus

Only Jesus Can Heal The Pain In My Aching Heart

Have you ever thought you were over something and then found out in the worst possible way that you weren’t? That the pain was still very, very real?

Maybe some wounds never fully heal.

I guess I’ll just come right out and say it.

When I was a little girl, I was sexually molested.

I know that’s not something that is unique to me. In fact, it’s all too common.

In Short, Here’s My Story

The police were involved, I went through counseling, but really nothing helped me recover until I began my relationship with Jesus. He healed my heart like nothing else could.

But then earlier this year my world came crashing down.

Someone close to me was involved in something that brought back everything I went through.

I can’t share the details, but the memories have come flooding into my mind.

Have you ever thought you were over something and then found out in the worst possible way that you weren’t? Click To Tweet

And honestly… when I was 5 years old, I didn’t understand what was happening. I even had to deal with guilt from thinking it was my fault, that I should have known better.

But now, when the memories surface they are almost unbearable. I have cried more these past months over what happened almost thirty years ago than I ever have before.

And now I’m not just crying over what happened to me, but over the situation that caused it all to resurface.

Yet, Jesus healed me back then, and He is still in the healing business today.

I know that.

I haven’t doubted it for a moment.

Jesus Is The Ultimate Pain-Taker

My heart is breaking because while I know Him, not everyone involved does. At least, I’m not for sure that they do, and even if I ask, sometimes people just give you the answers they know you want to hear… Even if it’s not the truth.

And actions speak louder than words.

I don’t want to judge their salvation, but I also wish I could see the hope of Jesus in their eyes. I wish I could see the healing in their hearts. But salvation doesn’t come with neon lights.

5 Scriptures for When Your Heart Is Hurting

So, I’m left with prayers and tears, and a pain in my heart.

A pain for not just one, but two, little girls who endured such unnecessary trauma. A pain for the women we are becoming and the painful road we have to walk to get there. Pain for the men in our lives who have hurt us, been hurt by us, and who hurt for us. And the women who hurt for us, too. Because I know our mommas have cried for their little girls.

There is just so much pain.

It seems like pain causes a wave of pain that ripples through the lives of the loved ones of those it touches. One harmful act doesn’t just touch the life of the person or people involved, it ripples through their family and relationships for a lifetime.

Yet Jesus is there.

He is the pain-taker.

The burden-bearer.

The shame-taker.

Jesus took it all upon Himself when He died on the cross.

And that’s what keeps me going.

I know that while life is hard and full of pain, I don’t walk through it alone.

5 Scriptures To Remember When Your Heart is Hurting

“Cast all your care upon him, for he cares about you.” ~ 1 Peter 5:7 (DARBY)

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” ~ Romans 8:1

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” ~ Psalm 147:3

“Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you…” ~ Psalm 55:22

“They who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles,
they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” ~ Isaiah 40:31

Join The Conversation

I don’t know where today finds you, but I hope you know you don’t have to walk through it alone either.

I’ve already shared five scriptures for when your heart is hurting and at the bottom of this post I’ve embedded one of my favorite uplifting songs. But what about you? What songs or scriptures do you turn to when your heart is hurting?

Join the conversation in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve experienced this when I found myself grieving a miscarriage that had happened almost 10 years earlier. It’s not that I didn’t grieve at the time; I did, so the new grief really took me by surprise. It kept hitting me at different times and took a while to walk through. I love Isaiah 40:31. I also cling to Philippians 4:13: “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.” (NIV) The CEV reads: ” Christ gives me the strength to face anything. ” Not because of me, but all through Him!

    1. I was very thankful to find this post on Pinterest tonight. I have been fighting for my marriage for a couple months now, and I have been pouring myself into my husband, kids, and home in new ways lately that I feel God has called me to. And there has been fruit, in a slow and difficult way, but God has been working.
      But this last week has been so discouraging as I can feel my well running dry and there has been no one in my life to come and fill it again. I have been in the Word, but apparently I’ve been in all the wrong passages as I just keep reading more things I need to be doing instead of feeling restored and refilled by scripture.
      So thank you for this scripture, as I have felt so alone and so weary, and this scripture has helped fill some of those dry places at least in part.

  2. “But salvation doesn’t come with neon lights.”

    Maybe the best sentence ever constructed.

    That is so so true. I am so incredibly sorry for what happened to you. No one should ever have to go through that. Thank you for writing about it, because people need to know how to find Jesus after such an event.

  3. I LOVE those verses you picked out! And I am praying for you and your journey toward healing! It breaks my heart that sin and darkness are in this world. He is redeeming and He is making all things new. The world is dark and without Jesus there is no light or hope! Continue being the light and letting the Lord be your strength! Your story can lead to so many other’s healing!! XOXO

  4. It may not come with neon lights but there is His precious Holy Spirit, who works on us and in our hearts to heal the broken places, and even warn us of things. The enemy choose dates, places, even smells and other things to trigger bad memories, he will replay it time and again to torment, but great is he than is in us. Praying His peace today.

  5. Prayers for you as you deal with the pain that has resurfaced and for you to know the hearts of those involved. God can heal but we are also human so the pain bubbles up now and again. We are blessed because our Savior understands our humanity and will help us process through it again and again.

  6. “He is the pain-taker. The burden-bearer. The shame-taker. Jesus took it all upon Himself when He died on the cross.” LOVE THIS! Great post. Thank you so much for being brave and bold in sharing this piece of your story. Love to you.

  7. Amen. only God can meet us where we are at. We as believers can come and comfort one another in prayer and that is the best way we can support someone going through heartache.

  8. Heather, #MeToo. That wound took the longest to heal of anything I’ve ever experienced. The Lord was patient as the tender and merciful Great Physician. He brought it to the surface over and over again until it had been thoroughly bathed in the truth of God’s Word, comforted and reassured by the nearness of his presence, and healed by his grace. It took about forty years. It was foundational. It changed everything about me, because I couldn’t even talk about it until a decade after it happened. Back then, this simply wasn’t talked about. I don’t know if you’ve read or heard anything by Mary DeMuth about this submect, but she was raped at age five by a group of boys, and she’s a godly woman with a lot of material out there. Her website is https://www.marydemuth.com/sexual-abuse-resources/. I know she has resources that will comfort and help both you and your friend and anyone else reading this. We seem to need something new and varied in each season that this awakens again to show us that it still festers. God will heal you, sister. May the Lord hold you up and hold you close!

  9. Thank you for sharing your story to encourage others, Heather! I am beyond grateful for our Jesus who can relate to all our pain and who can wipe away every tear. Praise Jesus that you turned to Him, and now you can help encourage others with your story!

  10. Wow, Heather. I’m so sorry for your pain and for the incident that trigger the painful memories all over again. This is a great line, “But salvation doesn’t come with neon lights.” No it doesn’t and neither does God’s voice or message to us. Yet, we do have Scripture and the Spirit living on the inside of us revealing truth, and we do know the true healer as you pointed out and Jesus is the true hope-giver. While life will always be hard because we live in a broken and fallen world, God will always be good and loving and merciful and holy and just. I’m praying over your sweet heart and soul-wounds and asking the Lord to heal you as you deal with it all over again.

  11. Heather, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had to endure such heartache., but our Lord never fails us. May He keep you strong and wrap His arms around you.

  12. Payers for you as you try to navigate this pain. And I think those scriptures are perfect. While I can’t imgaine your pain or those who have experience, I could have use those scriptures when I lost my way for a bit and was angry and the world and Jesus…but when I eventually found my way back, He had way to heal me that I could not.

  13. Thank you for sharing your testimony. Pain is difficult to deal with sometimes. I am currently in a difficult situation and I am constantly praying that the hurt subsides. Thank you for reminding me that Jesus is the answer.

  14. I can totally relate to this. Ive gone through situations and the feelings will remind me of grief and my battle with grief from the death of my brother will come flooding back. But- God is good and is always near.

  15. The conclusion I’ve arrived at from dealing with the wounds that come from having sin inflicted upon me is that Jesus took those sins as well. Which means I am now free of the wounds those sins inflicted upon me. I don’t have to live in that pain anymore! It took a long time for me to get there.

  16. Dear Heather!

    Your story, Heather touched me.

    I’m glad to see that you’ve found strength with Christ to tackle your situation. I believe that you inspire other people who have experienced these things.

    I love to listen to Keith Green and Petra when I feel under the weather.

    Edna Davidsen

  17. Thank you for sharing your story. Molestation is such an awful thing.

    This will sound strange maybe, but no verses really come to mind as verses I use for comfort or for pain. I tend to alight on the stricter verses of the Bible, such as the one in Acts where a nonbeliever tried to drive a demon out of a man in the Lord’s name. The demon said “Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?” Then the demon lunged for him. This passage in scripture reminds me to be on guard and make sure I am really faithful and reading my Bible. God knows who isn’t. Even the demons know who isn’t.

    I like the verses you shared! I wish I had some of my own to contribute!

  18. Such great strength and encouragement from your words, Heather. Thank you for sharing your heart and for pointing us to the pain-taker, burden-bearer, shame-taker, and the truth of His Word. I’m praying for you right now.

  19. Jesus is the pain-taker, the burden-bearer, the shame-taker!! Yes!
    I’m so sorry for what you’ve experienced, but I’m grateful for your willingness to tell your story, and the healing that it will bring others.

  20. Thank you for being willing to write out of your tremendous pain. There is so much encouragement and comfort in your words. Love the verses you included. One of my favorite scriptures when I’m in the valley is: “It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23 The reminder of His faithfulness and that He is the God of second chances and new starts has been a comfort to me throughout my life. Again, thanks for sharing this powerful post.

  21. Oh Heather! I could have written so many of these words myself. I absolutely agree that the ONLY way I found healing from my sexual abuse/assault was through Christ’s peace and hope. Blessings to you in your ministry!

  22. Heather, Thank you for honestly sharing your story and for the reminder that although Jesus has healed us, the enemy loves to flaunt old memories before and bring old pain to the surface. I have a couple of dates on the calendar that faithfully cause my heart pain and send me to my knees for renewed healing and restored peace. Praise God for His faithfulness and for the strengthening power of His Word. God bless!

  23. I’m so sorry that happened to you and the other girl and that you have had to relive such a trauma. But so grateful to God for making his presence and comfort felt by you.

  24. Heather, I am so sorry you’re re-experiencing such horrible pain. I understand your story as I, too, have had to live with the consequences of abuse. Like you, the harm done to a loved one brought my own experience to the forefront. The Lord was faithful during a painful, healing process and moved me from a place of despair to one of hope.

    As a survivor, I would love to pray for you as you walk this journey. Feel free to email or message me on FB anytime.

    Peace and grace,

  25. I have dealt with the effects of childhood incest snd physical abuse for 70 years. Today was a particularly bad day, due to a friend beyrayal. I had no one to talk to. Your post may very well have saved my life tonight. Bless you. I was just about ready to give up.

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