Confessions of a Christian Woman in Women's Ministry

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  1. I have so been there, Jaime. Sometimes God is asking me to let go of something I am doing for the wrong reasons, sometimes He just wants me to realign my heart. To remember why I do what I do. Like church in Ephesus, I have left my first love and I need to come back to Him. I don’t need to step back, I need to press in. I think it’s different for each of us though. We all have to do what He is calling us to do. We all have to pray. We all have to be careful not to give Satan that foothold when we get into those danger zones, because I do think we all stumble into them from time to time.

    1. I totally agree, Heather. Prayer and really listening to God is the key no matter where we find ourselves in ministry. God bless you in this ministry and the many others you are part of!

    1. Wow, Jessica-thanks so much for sharing that! God is so good to use our struggles to encourage others. That’s what I love so much about Candidly Christian!

  2. This is something I have been praying about – making sure that I’m staying aligned with God and His path for my future. I’m a full-time Christian mental health therapist and I started my blog back in August. I feel like God is leading to bigger and greater this for His glory but I know I will need to continually make sure that I am not allowing pride to drive and rule my behavior. Thank you for these reminders.

    1. Melissa, God bless you as you pursue God’s calling on your life! I will be praying He will keep your eyes fixed on Jesus as you discover the amazing plans He has in store for you and your ministry.

  3. These are such great insights! I think most of us at times have been guilty of most if not all of these. Keeping in prayer over our commitments is so important. The enemy wants to distract us and discourage us or make us ineffective. Assessing our ministry in a healthy way is always a beneficial activity!

  4. This really spoke to me because lately I am so busy I don’t know if I am coming or going. You are right that this happens when we get our priorities out of whack or try to set our own priorities without listening to God.

    1. Tressie, I’m praying now that God would give you peace and clear discernment to see the assignments, tasks and ministries that are God-given and to recognize (and have the courage to release) those that aren’t. That’s my biggest struggle. God bless you!

  5. I think these are great tips to watch out for. Like anything else, we can spend so much time trying to serve God that we neglect the other callings He has for us. Great post!

  6. This rings true as I start the new year out. My “goal” for this year is to seek God… the helps combat most of these danger zones if not all.You are so right! When we are serving, it is to be for His glory not our own. When we start crossing that line… we invite Satan in to our ministry (that’s a very dangerous zone). We absolutely need to be evaluating and in constant communication with our Lord. We must align our motives, our spirits, our actions with His will and way! Thank you for sharing! It was absolutely important for me to read!

  7. This resonates with me so well. I sometimes plunge myself into God’s work but forget about God himself! This year I am trying to spend time more wisely to make sure that God is not neglected.

    1. Vicky, I am with you. I think it’s a Mary vs. Martha spirit that we struggle with! Standing with you now in prayer for God to give us a Holy Spirit check in our spirits when we find ourselves plunging into ministry or busy-ness and neglecting time at Jesus’ feet!

  8. Wonderful observations. I recognized previous places and one current in your list. When the joy is gone. My expectations of one Bible study I lead isn’t being met. Why? Because I love to dig deep and discuss application with other mature Christians. Rabbit trails connecting various books and scriptures are bliss. One study I lead is precisely that. I benefit as much as anyone from the group. But not the other. The lack of joy means my expectations are out of whack.

    You nailed it on the head. I’m seeking the wrong result. The right result is speaking what is needed. Connecting them to God’s Word more simply and leaving the deep thinking for the future. Get the foundation in place first. It’s not about serving me, but serving the One who blesses me with abundance in every way. From life to eternity.

    May you find the blessing behind the migraines and may God be glorified.

    1. Lynn, I love what you said here about unmet expectations. I am praying now that God will give you glimpses of the fruit that is coming from the study where you’re not finding joy at the moment, that He will allow you to see the reasons you’re part of that study and the divine appointments He has for you there. Thank you for that profound insight!

  9. I think I’ve experienced every one of these, even during my short time in ministry! But I have taken steps back every so often, when I feel that pull to focus on worldly desires instead of God’s desires. And thankfully, He has always forgiven men and helped me to get back up again, stronger and more assured in my purpose to spread His good message!

    1. Jess, that’s a great point – not to get discouraged when we find ourselves off course, because God can and will work even through those missteps to bring glory to Himself and make us stronger in the long run. Thanks for that reminder!

  10. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for this beautifully honest post. As I read through, I felt both conviction and reassurance. It also explained years of struggling through church obligations that I consistently dreaded, as well as the joy I have now. Your article is a wonderful reminder that we always have to keep our priorities and purpose in line. Ministry is about God working through us, not us showing what we can do for Him.

    1. I love that you’ve found joy in ministry after struggling through those years of frustration, Valerie. I’ll be praying for God to continue to show you right where He wants you, and for you to keep on experiencing that joy and peace. Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. Wise words, Jaime! God says to seek Him first and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you. It’s the Holy Spirit that helps us walk in balance.

  12. This post was so very helpful – and timely. So glad to have come across it today and thank you for articulating several things that have been on my heart. I am especially burdened (and praying about) being motivated and excited more about my success than His glory. How humbling!!

  13. Jaime, thank you for your post and I appreciate you sharing it on Grace and Truth. As a blogger for Christian women as well as leading WM in my church, I found your post valuable and insightful. I’ve chosen your post as this week’s feature on G & T. Head on over tomorrow to get the “I Was Featured” button for your post. Thanks again for sharing.

  14. I must admit to finding myself in every one of these danger zones. I couldn’t agree with you more on spotlighting these incredibly important 5 areas. I’ve finally learned the gift of stepping away when needed to reassess. As a blogger, I feel the need to do this often to make sure my reasons and goals are in line with Him. Thanks for your inspiring words here!

    1. Thank you, Candace! I think just recognizing the need to step back periodically to evaluate is half the battle. God bless you as you share your words and your heart with others!

  15. I’ve also found myself in each of these positions. I frequently have to step back and immerse myself in the Word to ensure my first priority is Christ. Thank you for these reminders!

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