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Why Is Gratitude Important? (& The Grace & Truth Link-Up)

Why is gratitude important?

Have you ever stopped to ask that?

Every year, November rolls around. We celebrate Thanksgiving. There are gratitude challenges. Blog posts about cultivating gratitude. Gratitude journals.

Gratitude permeates our culture.

But have you ever stopped to ask, “Why is gratitude important?”

Why is gratitude important? (And the grace and truth link-up)

To be honest, I’m not sure that I have.

Why Is Gratitude Important?

While reading through posts that were linked up last week, I came across one that didn’t just focus on cultivating gratitude. It stopped to talk about why gratitude was important. And the effects it has on our lives.

Tiffiney, from, did an amazing job, and I hope you’ll hop over to read her post.

I love that she makes gratitude so simple. She doesn’t offer three steps to take or five ways to be better. Her post is written right from the heart. It’s genuine, rooted in Scripture, and points to Jesus.

Isn’t that what real gratitude should be about?

When we get stressed out about whether or not we remembered to write down five things, post on Facebook or whatever, I think sometimes we miss the point. Not that there isn’t a place for gratitude challenges and journals. I know some women thrive with the accountability and community they can offer. And Tiffiney offers a little of that at the bottom of her post, too.

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