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How to Trust in Jesus When Everything is Falling Apart

Have you ever wondered how to trust in Jesus when everything is falling apart? Sometimes we cling to Him when the going gets tough, and sometimes we wonder how things got so far out of control. That’s where this week found me. I’ve been trying to memorize Psalm 62:2 for the past couple of days, and I think Satan took it as a challenge. It says, “{God} alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress, I shall not be greatly shaken” (ESV).

Let me back up a little bit for you though.

Last week I attended a women’s conference that stirred something deep within me. A longing to know Jesus more. Not to just live for Him, but to walk with Him. So, when I came home, I stumbled across Psalm 62:2 in my morning quiet time and clung to it. Everything was going great… until today.

The day started off pretty normal. I spent some time with Jesus, got my kids ready for school, came home and ate breakfast. I even postponed going straight to my desk in favor of some extended quiet time. And then I buckled down and got to work, and Satan stepped in.

Things quickly spiraled out of control. Have you ever been so upset you were physically shaking? That’s where I was. It seemed like everything I touched was falling to pieces (literally). In hindsight, it could have been worse, but in the moment, I was done.

I think I may have actually looked at my Bible with scorn as I wondered how the gospel could fix this. Thankfully, God took up that challenge. After a few tears, I picked up my Bible and started to read. I lost myself in one of the stories from the Old Testament. It didn’t necessarily speak to the moment at hand, but took my eyes off my problems and put them back on Jesus.

how can the gospel fix this?
Have you ever looked at your Bible and wondered how the gospel could fix what you were going through? Heather has… Click To Tweet

And that’s what I needed.

A little while later I looked at Psalm 62:2 and realized that I had most definitely been greatly shaken. And I felt like a failure. In my moment of distress, I didn’t look to Jesus. I didn’t cling to the cross. I let Satan win.

But God…

We all need a good “but God” now and again don’t we? Well, I felt like a failure, but God whispered in my heart with words I will never forget. “You didn’t fail, you slipped and fell. Now let Me help you up so we can try again.” If’ you’ve ever been there take a moment to let those words sink in.

You are not a failure.

What now Jesus?

I love God’s foresight. That morning in my extended quiet time, I had read a devotional by Angela Nazworth. She wrote about when she was a teenager and used to go to the skating rink… even though she didn’t really know how to skate. She clung to the carpet wall, afraid to fall. And that fear held her hostage. It kept her from embracing all that the skating rink had to offer.

She wrote about a girl with big hair who skated with ease, but still fell down once and again. The difference was that when the big hair girl fell down, she got back up. She didn’t let it keep her down. She didn’t call it quits. She just stood back up, and started going again.

And that’s where God found me today. I had fallen, and I needed to get back up. Jesus had His hand stretched out, I just needed to grab hold. So wherever today finds you, I pray that you always remember to let Jesus help you back up.

She let Satan win that day, but God… Click To Tweet

P.S. Anxiety is something I have struggled with for years. If you struggle with it too, you may find the resources listed on this page helpful.

*Originally posted April 6th, 2017


  1. Heather, thank you for this reminder to hold on to Jesus… Also a reminder to me that you never know what a day will bring!! 🙂 But Jesus knows.

  2. Gosh! I could use a reminder like this everyday. Not that my life falls apart everyday : ) but inevitably something happens that wrecks something. Focusing on Jesus even when things aren’t falling brings Him to mind sooner when things are falling apart.

  3. I knew this writing sounded familiar. I was pleasantly surprised to see Heather’s name at the bottom. I very much enjoyed this post and honest look into your relationship, Heather. I will definitely be sharing this one!

  4. Heather, God is so faithful and I love that He always steps in when we are finally willing to stop fussing and listen. He is good and He is trustworthy, no matter how we are being attacked or how life is falling apart. It is not a feeling, though we long for the feelings so much, it is a fact. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Isn’t this so true! I had a similar moment tonight. I had a bit of an explosion, gritted my teeth knowing I had to apologize because I shouldn’t have blown up and then focused on praying to guard my heart from allowing it to go further. It’s so easy to just let it go sometimes but I’m thankful when God provides a way to reel ourselves back in!

    1. Yes! It seems like the more I grow in my relationship with Jesus, the more I learn about my own sinfulness. I know I’m growing, but it just makes me notice more, I think.

  6. This is the first time I’ve visited your wonderful blog! I found you on Writer Wednesday at Becoming Press. Thank you for your transparency and candidness! I’m sure many of us can relate to your experience – I certainly can! How wonderfully you handled it by going to your Father! Thank you so much for sharing so openly and beautifully!

  7. truth here! And that “But God”! Last year I wrote a whole series on scriptures that say “But God”
    I just finished a devotional by Corrie ten Boom. She said too often we put the “But God” in the wrong place.
    “I trust in Jesus but I’m in a terrible trial.” We should say… “I’m in a terrible trial, but God is Faithful.”

      1. Wow, what an amazing website!
        I was looking for women websites, and yours popped up immediately. So, of course I looked into it, and was blessed by the Christ filled truth baring blogs from you and all of the lovely ladies who contribute on your site.

        Thank you for your love of Christ and for sharing it with the world.

        God Bless you all~

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