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Empowered by Tough Times

Wouldn’t life be so much better if we didn’t have tough times to go through? I think so. But can we learn from the tough times or are they just random things that annoy us and make life harder?

I have wondered so many times, in the middle of my trials, why it was happening or when it would end. I didn’t always have the best attitude honestly about what was happening to me. I learned hard lessons the hard way.

But hard times come to us all. I think if we knew how to get through them, we would “get through” them better. I remember going through divorce and depression not knowing how in the world I would make it one day at a time. I honestly didn’t think I would survive. Fear gripped my heart, anger filled my soul, and my mind was never at peace and I was a Christian!

The guilt I felt over feeling inadequate, depressed, lonely and fearful was so intense. I knew the word of God was true and I kept going to it in prayer to get relief. After several years things did get better. The word of God is so powerful that it did the heavy lifting of my pain and reset my mind to a more healed place.

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Not So Perfect Tough Times

No matter what you or I go through life is not rolled out into a nice little ball. We don’t get the perfect life, perfect circumstances or perfect children. Sometimes the most unexpected things happen to us and if we are not ready (which most of us are not) we are hit a hard curve. I remember being thrown off so much with depression. I had never experienced such a wide range of emotions in my life. Some of you face depression and just don’t feel like you know who you are anymore.

I kept thinking tomorrow would be better! I kept trying to get myself up, put on my big girl boots and get on with the day. But my brain was not ready. My heart was not ready and my soul felt tired of life, and I couldn’t do what the “normal people” were doing and engaging in their day.

Have you been there? Are you there now?

8 Ways to Get Through Tough Times

Let me give you eight ways to help you get through the tough times, no matter what they are, because if you have not been grafted into the “trials club” you will be and you will need tools to help you. Your life has immense value, and you must fight for it through the tough times.

You and God are the majority, and He will help you but don’t forget…

1.) Everything can and will change.

Embrace this truth now because everything in life changes. A perfect verse for this is found in 1 Corinthians 4:18 … “for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.” Everything in our lives that we can see will go away. Every one of the problems that you face right now will change. You will never have the same problem forever. God is great at working out our issues. I remember going through depression thinking it will never end, I will never feel better in my mind. But God is good and one day it didn’t hurt as much. I kept, ever so slightly, thinking the real me will come back one day and it will for you too.

2.) You’ve overcome challenges before.

You and I both have conquered something, even if it was only one thing. Whatever that is, you overcame it. If you did that you could do it again and again. Think on that one thing that you faced, and you overcame it by the power of God. Look at the goodness of God even in that dark place. Was He there? If so, God is there now. If He brought you out then, He will do it again.

3.) This is a learning experience.

Ok, people hate this saying, but it is 100% true. Everything you go through is a learning lesson if you look at it that way. You can learn something from anything. Look at that trial you are in and ask the Holy Spirit what He wants to show you about what’s happening. You will be amazed what He tells you. I went through depression, but it was not without lessons and one of them was that I needed to learn how to totally depend on God and see Him as Father. I needed to know that He was the one that would never leave me and always take care of me.  I am here to tell you today that He did that for me in the most miraculous and gracious way.

4.) Not getting what you want can be a blessing.

We all ask for things from God and wonder why certain prayers are not being answered. Truth be told sometimes God holds back certain things from us because our lives would be better had He not given us what we are asking for. At the time we can’t see it but looking back I bet you can. I remember when my son was looking and looking for a certain job. But God wouldn’t open a door for him. We all had been praying but it was just not happening. There was no peace even though he wanted it badly. Later, my son got his dream job and looking back we saw how God not answering it the way we wanted was a good thing.

5.) Allow yourself to have fun.

Now this is hard one because when we are in a bad place, some of us dare not have fun. No one says this but we do it. We just don’t let go and go have fun. How could we. We need to help God out with our worry, right?  The best thing you could do is find one of your fun friends and go enjoy yourself. Worrying will do no good but fun may just help you release the stress you are carrying and give you strength to keep going.

6.) Being kind to yourself is the best medicine.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Think about it, when was the last time you did anything kind for yourself? Most of the time we don’t and we forget to be kind to ourselves. You live with you every day, so be kind. Do things that you love. Do something that makes you happy. Think of ways you can do this and enjoy it without guilt.

7.) Don’t worry about other’s negativity.

This is crucial to making it through a situation that is already hard enough without having other people’s bad vibes to deal with. Put the naysayers out. Stop their words from taking root in your head. Leave those thoughts for them to deal with not you. Take on nothing else in your situation that you cannot handle.

8.) Be thankful!

Yes, no matter how hard or difficult the task, challenge, or life issue you are facing you can be thankful. You can find something to be thankful for if for nothing than you are alive to go through the trial and if you trust Jesus, you will come out of it without even smelling like smoke. A trial never lasts forever, and God promises to never leave us nor forsake us.

Empowered through Tough Times

Enjoy your life and enjoy the moments of your life no matter what they are. You are empowered through the tough times of your life because of the word of God and that is all you need.

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