I'm not okay...

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  1. Yes, “God’s truth will always crush the enemy’s lies”. SO TRUE! I go up and down on waves of feeling truly okay some days to nearly losing it on others. I am getting better and going to Jesus for comfort, peace, and WISDOM at the moment. I’m sorry you’ve lost a loved one. I’m sure it is so hard but thank God for His faithfulness.

  2. I especially appreciated these reminders:
    “God is bigger than our breaking points.” And “God is not scared off by our breaking points.” He is still God, waiting for us to turn our eyes on Him, and stop trying so hard to look okay. Learning all this myself.

    Well-written. Tha ks for sharing.

  3. This is such good advice. Yes to being honest and realizing we can be not okay. Great tips. Admitting that we are not okay does not solve our problem, but it is the first step to walking towards solving that problem.

  4. Great post Laura!
    Unfortunately as women & especially Christian women we learn to wear the mask of okayness… This very sadly is endemic in the church globally…
    When I lost my third child, then my fourth child, then my late husband to brain cancer the mask became tighter, tighter & tighter 🙁 Now living with chronic health conditions the mask no longer had its hold, it was flung off a while ago but I still find it hanging around within certain Christian circles…mmmmm!

    You’re most welcome to join me for a cuppa,

  5. This was very touching. I believe we have all had moments where we are not as okay as we thought we were. I liked that you included the 5 steps in your post. These are very helpful and sometimes life saving as well. Thank you so much for sharing, and whatever you are dealing with, I pray that God holds you and strengthens you through this time.

  6. I love your 5 steps to take when you are at the breaking point. The hardest ones for me are admitting I am at my breaking point and asking for help. Your wisdom is timely as I feel I am heading in that direction if I don’t make some changes.

    Thank you for sharing with Grace & Truth Christian Link-Up.

  7. This post is filled with practical wisdom we all know when we are not at our breaking point, yet we often forget when we are at that point. Having felt this way (maybe even recently), it was so good to admit it to God and spend concentrated time in my Bible, in prayer, and with my worship music. I am always amazed at how He lightens the load. Blessings!

  8. Visiting from Tune in Thursday. I am right there with you in this! These are reminders I need today. Now, to just put them into action… Thank you for sharing a great post. So glad to be your neighbor!

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