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What Makes You Thankful? (And Our Grace & Truth Link-Up)

What makes you thankful?

It’s the first day of November. A month dedicated to thankfulness and gratitude. Before we know it, Thanksgiving will have come and gone, and Christmas will be upon us. But before we get lost in the holiday hustle and bustle, many women are making a point to slow down and be intentional about cultivating gratitude.

If you are thinking today’s featured post is titled, “5 ways to be thankful this holiday season,” I’m sorry to disappoint. But I’m actually taking this in an entirely different direction.

Thankful For The Scars

What makes you thankful?

While reading through the posts that were linked up last week, I found a treasure.

Joan wrote about the scars she has experienced over the last year or so. Both physical and emotional.

And we can all relate to that, can’t we?

If we haven’t had health problems ourselves, we know someone who has. And everyone has emotional scars of some sort or another.

But where Joan went with that was what struck me the most about her post. She wasn’t complaining. Not in the least. Her experiences didn’t leave her bitter.

Moreover, she ended her post by shifting the focus from the scars in her life to the scars of Jesus. I couldn’t even begin to do it justice, so I really hope you take the time to hop over to her site and read it yourself.

This Blog Post Is No Longer Available

And since it is the first day in November, I would love to hear from you. What does make you thankful? Or what is one thing you are thankful for today? Share your answer in the comments below.

I will also mention that one of our hosts, Maree Dee over at Embracing the Unexpected, is hosting a thankfulness challenge this month. It’s called Embracing 30 Days of Gratitude.
You can get all the details and sign up here.

Joan, thanks for linking up your post with Grace & Truth. You are more than welcome to grab the “I’ve Been Featured” button for your post so your readers can celebrate with you.

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