3 Ways Satan Steals Our Joy: Worry, Condemnation, & Regret

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  1. When I struggle with anxiety I need to remember this post! Just let go of what you didn’t accomplish the day before, breathe deep, and rest in God’s arms.

    1. I’ve struggled with anxiety too, Terri. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something to give to Jesus. It’s just another reason we need Him. It’s another channel for the gospel and an opportunity for us to glorify God.

  2. Laura,
    Your message was a beautiful way to start my week. It is so easy to lose focus, become distracted and lose the order of what is important. The enemy is good at telling us what we aren’t because he only knows our past struggles and plays them over and over again. I have found myself listening to those tapes too often. Today is a new day, and as I sit at the feet of Jesus, I’m remembering Jesus is my everything. What I accomplish or don’t accomplish today doesn’t make Him love me any more or any less. He has already proved how much He loved me and my heart’s desire is to show Him how much I love Him. May my life be a sweet smelling fragrance!

  3. This is sooo true! We have so many unnecessary things on our to-do lists when God just wants us where we are!

    1. For me it’s less about priorities and more about my heart. I know what needs to be done, but so often I get distracted by all the things I don’t make a priority (because they don’t need to be) and I feel like a failure because they are left undone.

      1. I gave up written lists of things I had to do a few years ago. I don’t know if my mind’s list is any better. There is a guilt somewhere between being a good steward and the continual tasks we give ourselves. I still don’t have it all figured out, but I know where to find peace.

  4. Oh, how I can relate with the never ending task at home. This is something I’ve def been praying about myself.

  5. Thank u! Needed this today as I have been wrapped up in many non important things and time to get refocused!!

  6. Just what I needed today, to be reminded that is it seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit that I need to do today and everyday!

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