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What I Learned From Rebecca Hastings

Summer is over, so learning begins, right?

Not so according to today’s featured Grace and Truth post!

According to Rebecca Hastings, we can learn a lot about ourselves, God, and life in general during the summer if we pay attention.

I’m excited about today’s featured post because I learned a valuable lesson about life from Rebecca this summer. I found her blog on a link-up in July. She suggested that we filter our summer activities through a word that we choose to frame our summer around. I left a comment sharing that I had a bad attitude in the midst of a rough year, but her post made me re-think my circumstances.

A few days later, I was struggling again when an email arrived. It was a personal message from Rebecca including prayers and encouragement. I kept it in a special place and I’m excited to share it. Please embrace her message as though she sent it to you because I believe she would send every single one of her readers a message just like this if she never, ever slept!

I just wanted to reach out and remind you that you are loved… Remembering that God loves us in the middle of even the worst days (and my not so great reactions to those days) makes a big difference.

Once again, Rebecca turned my day around. I was overwhelmed. What a thoughtful, personal, loving gesture from a woman I’ve never met.

6 Lessons Rebecca Hastings Learned This Past Summer

I frequently forget to adjust my attitude as I should, but I will always remember how I felt when I read Rebecca’s email. Thanks again, Rebecca!

In today’s featured post, Rebecca shares what she learned this summer. I promise you will find fun, encouragement, and a new mindset in her post 6 Things I Learned This Summer.

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And Rebecca, feel free to grab the “I’ve Been Featured” button and add it to your posts so your readers can celebrate with you.

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    1. I completely agree, Tiffany! I know you’ll love Rebecca’s post when you get to reading it. Thanks so much for commenting today 🙂

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