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Intracranial hypertension is a rare brain disease characterized by too much fluid pressure inside the brain. It’s the industrial vice grip my Dad has on the farm, only clamped onto my brain – not my skull – my brain, so the pressure feels like my eyes might just pop out. 

It’s the pressure that brought me to the lowest point in my life, the place where I even considered ending it altogether. 

Five years into remission, I’m a different person, some worse for the wear, but mostly better. 

Better because of Jesus. 

If it weren’t for the pressure, I wouldn’t have fallen so far that only He could pick me up. 

If it weren’t for the pressure, I’m not sure who I’d be now, but because of the pressure I know Whose I am forever. 

If it weren't for the pressure, I'm not sure who I'd be now, but because of the pressure I know Whose I am forever.  Click To Tweet

It’s so impossible to imagine what my life would be like had I not known the pressure because without the pressure I wouldn’t know Jesus. 

I wouldn’t wish intracranial hypertension on anyone. There are days I resent the scars the vice grip left behind. But, as crazy as it sounds, I think today I might be grateful for the pressure, even grateful for the scars. Only survivors’ wounds heal and transform into scars. It’s only because I’m healed that I can tell others about the Healer. 

I love Joann Viola’s post “Pressure,” because for the first time I wondered if I would actually take it all back. I’m not sure anymore if I would erase the pain, the memory loss, the lost years, even the embarrassment the scars caused for me at the dentist on Monday! 

When have you been gripped by pressure? We’ve all been there. Even if it was just yesterday, can you see even just one good thing Jesus did with the pressure? If not, then give the pain to Him and let Him work. In the meantime, head on over to today’s featured post to see what the Bible has to say about your pressure.

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