6 prayers that will rock your spiritual life

6 Prayers That Will Rock Your Spiritual Life

Have you ever been reading the Bible and been completely caught off guard by what it said?

Maybe not so much what it said, but the implications of it?

That was me last week.

I was reading in the Book of Job, one of my favorite books of the Bible, and I felt like I got the wind knocked out of me.

Job was making his appeal before his friends, but also before God (Job 31).

Job Got Specific About His Sins

He said, “If…

  • I have walked with falsehood…”
  • my step has turned aside from the way, and my heart has gone after my eyes…”
  • I have rejoiced because my wealth was abundant…”
  • I have concealed my transgressions…”

“If I have done this, or if I have done that…”

He didn’t just offer a sacrifice just in case he or his offspring sinned, Job knew what sin was and he took it seriously.

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So often, I think that’s where I fall short.

It’s not that I don’t take sin seriously, I do. But I stop short of really searching my heart the way Job did.

Do you ever do that?

Prayers That Dig Deeper

One of the deacons at our church used to say, “forgive us where we’ve failed you.” When he prayed. Which is great for a group prayer time. But there are other times we need to go deeper.

Times we need to ask God to search us for our sin. Times we need to be willing to ask the hard questions. Okay, times I need to be willing to ask the hard questions.

Because it’s through prayer that we surrender our whole hearts to God. But we can’t do that if we don’t break down our defenses.

6 prayers that will rock your spiritual life

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6 Prayers That Will Rock Your Spiritual Life

So, today I wanted to share six dangerous prayers we can pray that will break down our walls. Six prayers that are specific enough we can all pray them, but God can use them in each of our lives to take our relationship with Him deeper.

These aren’t your safe Sunday School prayers. These prayers are based on Job’s defense. They are prayers that can rock your spiritual life if you let them.

1.) Show Me My Sin

God, if I have sinned against You, show me where. Open my eyes to my sin and let me see it the way You see it. Let me see the harm it does, and how it separates me from You. Lord, let me see sin for what it is, without justifying it, without twisting it to fit my worldview or culture. Show me my sin for what it is.

2.) Make Me Aware Of My Deceit

If I have born a false witness, make me aware. If I have lied, forgive me. And if I have said something that wasn’t true. Even if I did it to try to protect someone, show me where I have gone wrong. Point out the error of my way. Wherever it is, Lord. If I have stood for something that wasn’t right. If I have let something wrong gone unnoticed… Lord, be my guide. Help me to righteous as You are righteous. Remind me that my righteousness comes from Christ and that I am to be a reflection of Him.

3.) Soften My Heart

Lord, if my heart is hard, break it. Wherever my heart is hard, soften it, Lord. Work me and mold me to be like You. I do not want to be a stiff-necked woman. If I need to learn to bend, teach me to bend. If I need to learn compassion, teach me compassion. Whatever area my heart is hard in Lord, You have the power to kneed it and soften it. I know this won’t be easy Lord. I like control. But remind me as I go about my day that I need to surrender my all to You.

4.) Crush My Idols

If I have made money an idol, crush it. Father, if I am putting too much of my heart into how much money I have or make, help me to refocus on You. Help me to trust You to be my provider. I know that I cannot serve both God and money, so I’m asking You for help to put You first. There are bills to pay, groceries to buy, and so many other things, but I know You can handle it all. Break the hold money has on me. Help me to see it for the idol that it has become, and put it back into the proper perspective.

And Lord, if there are any other idols in my heart, crush them. Make me aware of anything that I am holding back from You. Anything that I am keeping from You. Let me see where I put things that I don’t trust You with. The things that I say, “no, God, You can’t have this.” Show me those things in my life. I know money is a big temptation, Lord, but there are others. Show me what they are, and then strip them away.

5.) Remind Me That You Are Enough

If I have taken what wasn’t mine, take it back. Whether that was credit that belonged to someone else, something physical, or something else entirely, Lord. Help me to be above reproach. Give me the courage to return what isn’t mine and know that You are enough for me. Fill my heart so I don’t long for things I don’t need. Remind me that You are enough. Remind me that I don’t need more than You give me.

6.) Teach Me To Love

Lord, if I have rejoiced at the ruin of another. If my heart has taken pleasure in the pain of someone else, forgive me. Teach me to love like You do.

Join The Conversation About Prayers

Do you ever pray deep, dangerous prayers, or do you prefer to pray it safe? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Oh – and if you’re reading through the Bible this year, I’d love to hear an update. Where are you at in your reading plan?

Do you ever pray deep, dangerous prayers, or do you prefer to pray it safe? Share on X
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  1. I prefer praying deep prayers, that way we are humbling ourselves before God. I love these prayer points, will put them to practice.Shared on my facebook page.

  2. I love the way you put it, Heather – “dangerous prayers” — because it’s so true. It can take courage to utter the words and wait for the refining and shaking that comes next! But so worth it. I needed this today, thank you!

    1. Thanks, Jaime. I can’t remember where I heard that term, but praying for God to refine us means things are going to get uncomfortable. It means we might have to give up something, change a behavior, or face something we’ve been putting off. It’s pretty scary stuff. I’m just thankful we have God to help us through it.

  3. Now, those are some pretty serious prayers. Scary prayers, and for those who pray them…. we need to be prepared for God to answer them. And that may hurt, and then it’s beautiful, but only because He is good. Thanks for challenging us Heather.

    1. I’m telling you. We can pray it safe, or we can get serious. I’m really preaching to myself here more than anything. Because it is kind of scary. Asking God to change me might hurt. It won’t be comfortable, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

  4. I’ve found that the hardest prayers are those that bring me closest to Jesus. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to come back and read the scripture more in-depth later!

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