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How To Form Your Own Prayer Circle (& why you should)

I truly believe that there is power in prayer. And I believe that prayer is multiplied when Christians come together to pray.

The book of Matthew records Jesus saying, “If two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (18:19-20)

I believe that. And while I know that we are all free to approach the throne of God, that He listens to all of His children, I also know that there is something special about praying together.

However, I also know that when praying for the same thing, it’s important to pray in unity.

When I was deep in the heart of my chronic migraines earlier this year, I had countless brothers and sisters in Christ praying for me. But they were all praying for my healing when what I really wanted, what I really needed, were prayers for strength to weather the storm.

I have never been big on praying for healing. I know God can do it. He’s God. But I also know that He can use anything for His glory. Like when Job was suffering. Job didn’t pray for healing. At least not that was recorded. He kept on praising God and said he would accept the good with the bad.

That’s the kind of woman I want to be.

Sometimes a lack of communication makes us our own worst enemy. That's why @_HeatherHart thinks we should all have our own prayer circle we communicate real prayer requests with regularly. Share on X

I won’t say that it was easy, especially since I didn’t take the time to tell anyone else what was really on my heart. Looking back, I wish I would have formed a small prayer team who I communicated with regularly.

3 ways to form your own prayer circle

And not just for them to pray for me, but there is also something freeing in praying for other believers when you are feeling down. It takes your eyes off of yourself and puts them back on Jesus.

So, today, I wanted to look at three ways we can form our own prayer team.

3 Ways To Form Your Own Prayer Circle

1.) Group Texts or Social Media Groups

You can form small prayer circles via group texts or even on Facebook messenger, Instagram groups, etc. These prayer groups are great for short term mission trips or other specific times.

However, I also have a friend who has a running group text that she and her husband share with another couple. They use it for morning devotionals and daily prayer requests. I think it’s a fabulous idea.

If you take the time to form a digital prayer circle, I truly believe it could be a powerful asset to any believer.

2.) Enlist Your Small Group, Sunday School Class, or Bible Study

Up until recently, my prayer circle was my Bible study ladies. We prayed together every week and shared what was on our hearts.

My Sunday school class prays together weekly as well, but I was much closer and much more open with my Bible study ladies. We had a forged a bond that was deeper than just being in the same class, we were sisters in Christ and friends at heart. It was a lot easier to open up to them. And if something was private, I had time to pull one of them aside as we weren’t rushing to get started or get to the morning worship service.

3.) Form a Local Prayer Circle

My old church had a weekly prayer meeting where a few of the ladies would come together to pray. They would pray for each other, but they would also pray for the members of our church. They went through the member list and prayed for so many families each week. I always loved it when my family came up because they would call us and ask how they could pray for us that week. It always made me stop and think. And I always appreciated their prayers.

However, your local prayer circle could be much more flexible. Maybe you get together with two or three other women for coffee once a week and use that time for prayer.

Who do you pray with? The answer to that question is more important than you might think.. Share on X

Other Options

There are also prayer groups like Mom’s in Prayer that have local chapters, and resources for praying at home.

I’m also part of a few Facebook groups that have either prayer threads or the entire group is dedicated to prayer. I’m not as fond of these because, with so many members, it’s harder to form connections, and they usually aren’t local. You aren’t going to run into these women at the grocery store or church and get the opportunity to check-in or check-up.

Back to Job…

One thing Job’s friends got right was that they came to be with him during his time of need. They weren’t very supportive. And they didn’t pray with him. But they were there.

I think there is something special about praying with other believers who are local. Believers who know what you are going through and are there to give you a hug when needed. Believers who you won’t be tempted to drift away from when there is a misunderstanding. Or someone responds to a prayer request with anything less than prayer and grace. Because that happens.

So What About You?

Who do you pray with? Do you have your own prayer circle? Do you think it’s important to pray with Christian women who live near you? Have you ever thought about it? Join the conversation in the comments below!

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  1. I learned about the power of prayer from a total stranger who eventually became one of my closest friends. It’s so hard to articulate how it feels when an anointed prayer warrior prays for you but it is certainly life changing

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