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When I’m swirling in a perfect storm of anger and hurt, all I want to do is run away where no one will know to cry and scream as loud as I can until I have no tears or voice left.

I’ve actually done it more than once. I fled to my car, drove to a deserted field, and returned home with a headache and a sore throat. And the none the better for my little tantrum.

This is my end-of-the-line fight-or-flight response. Have you been there, in that place where all you want to do is run away?

But the truth is, no matter where I flee, the problems will follow because, ultimately, there is nowhere to go to get out of my own head.

Or is there…?

I almost didn’t read Jennifer’s post about the little crested pigeon because I hate the stinky mess they leave all over my deck and my car.

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But curiosity got the best of me, so I read the post. As Jennifer described a dumb pigeon who ran until it finally remembered it could fly, the Holy Spirit showed me I’m no different when I feel threatened.

That’s when I realized, instead of running, I can send my hurt heavenward through prayer. And in doing so, I get out of my head to inherit the mind of Christ.

And you can, too.

Before you head over to Lessons From A Little Crested Pigeon to meet Jennifer’s hiking friend, please pray this little prayer with me.

Lord, the next time my heart smells like a pigeon, please remind me to send it flying straight to you. Thank you for giving me a strong mind and a calm heart. Amen.

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  1. Thank you Valerie for featuring my post, I’m delighted how the Lord speaks to us out of nature & the everyday little things that cross our path.
    He is Risen!
    Bless you,

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