Jesus died on the cross and what that means to me
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Jesus Died On The Cross and What That Means To Me

Jesus died on the cross. He didn’t just die, He was beaten. Flogged. Whipped. Tortured.

I can’t imagine the pain that He endured.

And He did it all for us. He endured all that pain because of His love for me.

That was my thought process as I stood in church that Sunday morning with tears running down my face.

We were singing Living Hope when it hit me. 

Jesus didn't just die on the cross. He was beaten, flogged, whipped, tortured… all because of His great love for us. Click To Tweet

I Am A Failure

I have been suffering from massive migraines for over two years. Chronic migraines. Status migrainous if you want to get technical.

My head hurts all the time, and lately, it’s just been too much. I haven’t been up to doing anything, and that included going to church.

In fact, I could probably count the number of times on one hand that I had been to church in the last six months.

Because Jesus died on the cross....

To be honest, my head hurt really bad that morning, but that wasn’t the reason I was crying. 

I was crying because Jesus bore so much for our sins, my sins, and I couldn’t even go to church with a migraine to worship Him.

I was so unworthy of His love. Scratch that, I am so unworthy of His love.

Because at the same point in time that I realized how unworthy I was, I was reminded of just why He came. Reminded of why Jesus died on the cross. Why He endured it all.

It was because we are all unworthy, and He knew it.

Jesus Wasn’t Surprised By Our Sin

It has never surprised Him that I didn’t drag myself out of bed and make it to church when my head was throbbing in pain.

It doesn’t catch Him off guard when I fail to worship Him. When I fail to give Him glory or recognize just how much He gave up for us.

He knew how much of a sinful disappointment I would be and He gave His life for us all on the cross anyway.

Yesterday morning in the Advent reading plan I’m following with some other bloggers on YouVersion, it talked about how God’s first response to our sin was the promise of Christmas.

And that’s what I keep coming back to.

God’s response to our sin is love, because God is love.

Even when we fail or fall short. No matter how sinful we are. No matter how unworthy we feel. Jesus died on the cross for us and loves us. We are precious in His sight.

Join the Conversation

Do you ever feel unworthy? Is there something that has ever hit you like a ton of bricks, but then brought you back to Jesus? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

God's response to our sin is love, because God is love. Click To Tweet

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  1. I’ve been cranky the last couple of weeks, and then feeling guilty for such an ungrateful attitude. I needed this today. Thank you for your honesty and encouragement

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