The illusion of control

Letting Go Of The Illusion of Control

Several weeks ago I was frustrated.

It seemed that no matter how much I got accomplished in a day it didn’t make a dent in all the things I didn’t get done. There were the usual everyday chores, errands that had to be run, home repairs that needed to be scheduled, all the holiday preparation, work, meals… you get the idea. And then someone would ask, “Hey, weren’t you going to _____?” It didn’t matter what it was because it was most likely on the list I hadn’t gotten to yet.

For a few days, I kept wondering why I couldn’t get more done in a day and I had to remind myself that I was doing the best I could. And that was enough. The demands I was putting on myself and letting others put on me were taking their toll.

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Redefining Success

I decided that if I’d done what I could to the best of my ability that day, then that day was a success.

And, if I decided something could wait so I could take a breather and some time to myself, then that day was not a failure, but also a success—because slowing down can be hard.

All of my running around was getting me nowhere and I had to take a step back to see that. Sometimes the pressures of the day-to-day make me lose sight of what’s really important…

What was God was asking of me?

My time with Him had been slipping and I knew it was having a negative effect on me. I know that when I put Him first the rest of my day goes a little smoother, but somehow, it’s easy to forget to do that.

The Illusion Of Control

With the new year, we often have renewed hopes, dreams, goals, and resolutions. In those, how much are we depending on ourselves and how much are we trusting God and waiting to see what He will do?

For me, I know that before anything else, I need to get back to spending time in prayer, reading my Bible, and spending quiet time with Him. That doesn’t mean sitting back and doing nothing, but rather doing what I can to the best of my ability while knowing that there’s only so much I can control. Everything else is better in God’s hands than mine.

Choosing to let go, because there is a peace in realizing we aren't in control...

It’s not easy releasing my illusion of control over life, but I do have power in the choices I make.

I can choose to pray first, instead of after I’ve worried myself sick.

I can choose to plan time to read my Bible, instead of hoping I get to it at the end of a long day.

I can choose to prioritize what I really need to accomplish in a day (or a week), instead of trying to take on everyone’s expectations.

I can make sure I have time each day to take care of myself, instead of waiting until I’ve burned myself out.

Yes, there will be unexpected emergencies, illness, and things that have to take precedence, but in my everyday decisions, I have choices that are in my control. And those choices to spend time with God and take care of myself will enable me to face those unexpected issues head-on when they occur.

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How about you? What choices are working for you and which do you need to re-evaluate? Do you feel you ended 2019 strong or were you barely hanging on? And what does that mean for how you begin the new year?

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