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Let’s Be Honest About Our Prayer Life…

Candid confession: Even though I’m the Candidly Christian Prayer Team Liaison, I feel anxious about my own wimpy, distracted prayer life.

If you’ve ever felt burdened by your not-so-spiritual prayer life, then you will love today’s featured post by Carlie Lake.

Just like you, I truly mean it when I say I will pray for someone. But even if I actually remember, I can’t come up with much beyond “Lord, please be with them. Please give them peace, discernment, strength…” whatever it is I think the person may need to get through their trial.

And that’s about the end of it. As I try to think of something more elaborate and spiritual to say, I usually wind up mentally reviewing my editorial calendar again.

When I want to just spend time with Jesus, I begin with gratitude, but before long, I’m mentally listening to Christian music. Even though God speaks to my heart through music, I’m not sure trying to remember the words to “My Defender” really counts as prayer.

Have you ever felt anxious or guilty about your prayer life? If so, you are not alone...

So then there’s guilt.

I’ve consistently failed at one of the most precious gifts God gave us. Not only do I fail God, but I also fail the loved one I promised to lift up in prayer.

Instead of approaching prayer as a time of stillness and intimacy with Jesus, I feel anxious because I can’t get it right.

A Different Perspective…

But Carlie Lake’s post gave me a different perspective.

In her post, “When You’re Guilty of Being a Prayer Procrastinator” I learned that even small and scattered prayers are a sweet aroma to God “Not because I’ve gotten it right, but because He has, and my heart sees that.”

The most beautiful thing about Carly’s post is that she’s not trying to turn you into a prayer warrior. Instead, she encourages you to release the burden of getting it right to instead just savor the sweetness of time with our Savior.

If you have ever felt inadequate in your prayer time, I promise you will find peace and encouragement on Carly’s blog

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When You’re Guilty of Being a Prayer Procrastinator

I’d also encourage you to consider signing up for the Candidly Christian Prayer Team. You would receive an email from me once per month with the Candid Gals’ prayer requests and updates in our lives. It’s a fun way to support this ministry and get to know us a little bit. Short and distracted prayers are welcome and appreciated!

Carly, thank you for linking up with Grace & Truth. You are more than welcome to grab the “I’ve Been Featured” button for your post so your readers can celebrate with you.

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  1. Oh Valerie, thank you! So many of us struggle with comparing our prayers with others and feeling guilty and anxious, while God longs for us to embrace the sweetness of time with Him instead. Thank you for featuring my post; I pray it will encourage others to shake off the guilt and enjoy each time they draw close to God in prayer.

    1. Thanks so much for linking up with us, Carlie. Your post resonated with me so much, and I know it will with many others. I’m so happy to feature you today!

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