Grace & Truth for an Anxious Mind

Grace & Truth for an Anxious Mind

I’m in a losing battle to censor a certain emotionally charged word in my home. As fast as striking a match, this word ignites a fight-or-flight response fed by hurt, fear, and abandonment. 

Many people fear this word, perhaps you are too. For me, it’s also personal, but trying to escape it is a losing battle. 

What is this word that pours salt on open wounds and makes me want to hide under my blankets?


In their trademark ambivalence, a beloved, immediate family member looked the other way when I had cancer last year. 

But this same beloved family member has traveled to the opposite side of the globe and is risking their life to care for strangers. They won’t tell us how to contact them, what part of China they are in, what they are doing, or how long they’ll be gone. For all I know, they may have been in the old hotel turned makeshift treatment center that collapsed and buried patients and staff last week.

I’m helpless in this surreal dynamic, so I pretend it’s not happening. And anyone that reminds me of the coronavirus faces my swift censorship.

Resting in Truth of a Trustworthy God

But a faithful God used a post from Tiffany Montgomery’s site to help me face reality by resting in Truth. 

Tiffany’s post, God Will Fight for You: Be Still My Anxious Mind, reminded me to take my head out of the sand and instead look up to our faithful, trustworthy God.

Christianity does not promise an easy path, just a Trustworthy God.

Tiffany Montgomery

And fear comes when we’re more focused on our problems than His promises. Whatever you fear today, Tiffany can tell you how to find peace by focusing on your walk in God’s will.

How to Find Peace When Overcome by Fear

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God Will Fight for You: Be Still My Anxious Mind

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    1. I wrote this intro on Monday night, and of course, there were crazy developments all week. Yesterday I struggled as cancellation after cancellation made it feel like the country is going on lockdown. But through most of the week, every time I got scared, I’d pray “Jesus I give this situation to you and I trust you” and it gave me peace. Thank you so much for sharing your words that helped me refocus. It’s a wonderful reminder to all of us in every season.

      Tiffany, thank you for always joining us on Candidly Christian and for linking up with us every Friday. We really appreciate you!

  1. Praying God will lift the fear and frustration you’ve confronted and give you his everlasting peace. ?

  2. Oh, these were such timely words for me today also! I begin a new medical treatment today, one that will lower my already lowered immune system–making no sense in this crazy time we are living. And yet, God has known the timing all along, and He is speaking those same words to me, to be still and watch Him fight the battles for me. Blessings and prayers for you today.

    1. I’m glad you’ve found encouragement here to begin your new course of treatment. I’ll pray for you to find peace, healing, and safety in the coming days. Thanks for visiting us, BettieG!

  3. I keep flipping back and forth between reading everything I can about coronavirus, and then putting all my devices into airplane mode so I can safely ignore it for awhile. I’m trying to set boundaries for myself more than ever on how much I allow myself to read Twitter and Facebook. I’m off now to read your post on anxiety…I need it! Thanks, Valerie.

    1. I think a lot of us have been struggling to find that fine line between staying informed and just getting scared. I hope my post gives you a practical way to help you lean on Jesus this week. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Lisa!

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