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My home has few plants because I’m notorious for killing all things green. Since I’m not much of a gardener, I always thought “pruning” was about getting rid of weeds and dead vegetation. So when I study scriptures about how God prunes us so we can bear fruit, I understand that He’s yanking out my temper and throwing away my pride.

Lois Flowers had to prune a special plant because it had gotten too tall and spread out. While the size of the plant itself was fine, it didn’t fit in its intended space anymore. She tried to re-home, but it had a sentimental value and a specific purpose right where it was. 

Have you ever felt like God was pruning the best and biggest parts of you? I’ve been there, and it hurt. It still hurts every day. But if God hadn’t pruned off my tallest branches, He wouldn’t be able to use me the way He does now. 

This week I learned a little about gardening and a lot about God from Lois Flowers’ post Waiting for New Growth to Appear. If you’ve ever felt like God was pruning you, I hope you’ll join me on Waxing Gibbons.

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Waiting for New Growth to Appear

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